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Collaboration | Education | Conferencing

By: Marty Jefferson
March 14th, 2023

Video conferencing and collaboration technology is now a staple in education as K-12 and higher ed institutions adapt to modern technology to meet the changing needs of students and faculty. With an emphasis on capabilities like security, video quality, user experience, and integration with other education tools (including Microsoft Teams), schools have a unique challenge of empowering learning while also ensuring a safe experience.

Blog Feature

Education | K-12

By: Marta Thomas
February 2nd, 2023

If you’ve worked in a K-12 environment, you’ve likely heard of E-Rate funding. This government program was established to aid education systems in optimizing their schooling environments. To achieve this, it provides schools and libraries with funding for telecom services, internal connections, internet access, broadband connectivity, and basic maintenance of their environments.

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Data Center | Education

By: Internetwork Engineering
January 18th, 2019

Classroom technology enhances the learning experience, encourages collaboration, and helps students develop future-ready skills. A school’s infrastructure has to include a reliable data center that's robust enough to handle the data flow and connectivity, however, initiatives like 1:1 and BYOD are not the only way devices are connecting to campus networks.

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By: Internetwork Engineering
May 4th, 2017

Part Two of a Five-Part Series Some of the best years were spent working for a non-profit student loan organization: a great company with great people. The problem with this type of company is that there is generally only one per state. Even though we didn’t compete, communication between companies was limited and there was no visibility into the industry from an IT perspective. How were the other forty-nine student loan organizations organized? What were their priorities? What was working and what wasn’t? How were they adapting to new laws and regulations? I was isolated and on my own. You may feel that isolation from time to time, but remember you’re not as alone as you think. A good partner – one that’s well versed in your industry – can provide you with much of the direction you seek without violating anyone’s NDAs. Being in the trenches day in and day out, you come to know your business better than some people know their own children. That rarely leaves time to follow industry trends, research emerging technologies and contemplate how they fulfill your mission. In my last post, I took the time to outline why working with a partner beats buying from a vendor, and now I’d like to share the top three ways partners understand your industry better than a vendor.