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Do You Need an Enterprise Network?

An Enterprise Network is used by midsize to large organizations to connect their people, devices, and things to applications in the data center and cloud. As organizations grow, the network becomes more complex as additional technology is required for scale and security.  Portions of the network are designed for a specific purposes (WANs, Branch/Campus, and Data Center/Hybrid Cloud) and require advanced solutions to achieve better network speed, visibility, and end-to-end security. Modern Enterprise Networks support today's campus and mobile workforce along IoT while providing security and resiliency for changing business requirements.

Website_Enterprise Network Overview

The Network's Biggest Challenges



Speed & Agility


Enterprise Network Solutions

We work with the leading network vendors to offer you a broad range of top notch tech to address any network challenge and position your business for success.

Benefits of a Modern Enterprise Network

Improved Employee Productivity

Enhanced Security

Lower IT Operating Cost

IoT Ready

Seamless Cloud Integration

Simplified Network Management

Enterprise Network Offerings

As your business grows, your network becomes more complex. We offer network assessments to sharpen your network strategy and keep your business thriving. 

WLAN Assessment

We'll analyze the current capabilities and configurations of your WLAN and determine if they are adequately and reliably supporting your business. We will identify and document issues, and then make prioritized recommendations for how to improve WiFi to better support users, and devices.

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Is Your Wired and Wireless Infrastructure Keeping Up with Digital Demands?

Today’s users require an unplugged and uninterrupted experience. Your access network must be wireless first, cloud-driven, data-optimized, and always secure. Cisco Secure Access helps IT automate, secure, and scale network connectivity to thousands of users and devices. And with deep AI analytics, you can troubleshoot faster and predict issues before they happen.

Explore the Infographic Learn More About Secure Network Access

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Why Trust IE for Networking?

Since our founding, Enterprise Networking has been at the heart of what we do. With over 25 years of Enterprise Networking experience, and countless successful deployments, we understand the importance of the network to your business. The network is the only thing that connects everything. Something that important deserves the expertise and experience our customers have to come to rely on.

Enterprise Networking is in our DNA

We've been designing, deploying and supporting Enterprise Networks since our founding in 1996. We established ourselves early on as routing protocol experts, helping customers with complex networks that required deep networking expertise needed to develop a reliable and scalable network.

Today, many organizations still face the same growth challenges with a network that is holding them back. Modern networks must be automated, secure and flexible enough to support rapidly evolving requirements, whether they be business, regulatory or security oriented. Legacy network technology simply doesn't have the capabilities and the features needed to support today's enterprise.

Not only are we experts in the design and features of the latest networking technology from our partners, but we have the experience to implement enterprise networks without the drama. If your network is critical to the success of your business, join the hundreds of companies throughout the southeast that trust IE to build and support networks that enable their business. 

Customized Services & Solutions for Any Industry

Mobility & WiFi IoT Network Software Defined Networking

We've Got You Covered.

Mobility & WiFi

Provide a network that securely connects and supports remote, roaming, and hybrid workers.

Get the latest in WiFi technology (including WiFi6 upgrades) to accommodate the growing number of IT and IoT devices connecting to your network. Our team of mobility experts can address your wireless demands, build a secure infrastructure, and streamline the user experience.

A Network Built to Support IoT.

IoT Network

Securely implement IoT devices to gain operational visibility across business processes.

Our IoT networks allow you to automate real-time data collection while enhancing anomaly detection in your processes. This intelligent infrastructure allows you to produce quality products and outcomes for your key stakeholders while safeguarding valuable data.  

Simplified Network Management.

Software Defined Networking

To better compete, the modern enterprise needs simple network management and robust automation.

As your business becomes more complex, Software Defined Networking (SDN) can automate network configuration to accelerate business operations. Get faster application deployment, tighter security, and a better user experience, all without growing IT operations.

Customer Testimonials

"We suffered a power failure going into a weekend that shut our entire network down. IE worked with me to return our systems to full functionality. Not only did their engineer support us from his home on a Saturday, he also made a trip to the office to make sure everything was visually in working order. This type of support is the primary reason we use IE OnDemand and have made IE our support partner for well over 12 years."

Shon Nixon
Midrex Technologies, Inc.

Enterprise Networking Resources

Ready to Modernize Your Network

We'll help you design, build, and adopt an optimized, holistic networking strategy so you can streamline operations, improve compliance, and enhance security.