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How cloud migration is changing cybersecurity.

Organizations migrating to the cloud, on a full or partial basis, are contending with new cybersecurity challenges. Many businesses lack the resources to design and implement effective cloud security controls.

While the cloud offers flexibility for your business, it also adds complexity, especially for IT and security operations (SecOps). And the more SaaS and cloud solutions you adopt, the more potential vulnerabilities you create. Creating a Zero Trust environment is a smart place to start for mitigating cloud security concerns. 

Common Cloud Migration Challenges

Rapid growth in SaaS applications and cloud services

Security and IT operations preventing cloud adoption

Lack of security visibility for hybrid cloud environments

Not enough security visibility in Dev/Ops

Complex security management

Securing cloud data

Cloud Security Solutions and Partner Recommendations

There are a lot cloud of security products on the market and we understand that choosing the right solution can be overwhelming. This is why we selectively partner with the most trusted tech vendors in the industry. We'll provide the best options that work specifically for your business so you can better protect your cloud deployments.    

Combat Threats Against Your Cloud-Based Infrastructure

There's a reason our customers choose us to help them navigate their cloud security needs. We'll help you realize the benefits that come with securing your cloud-based data, applications, and infrastructure. 

Protect users, apps, and data in the cloud against threats

Block threats before they reach your network and endpoints.

Secure cloud operations without sacrificing productivity or functionality

Eliminate blind spots across your network

Enhanced threat detection in the cloud

Not Sure Where to Start?

Get started with one of our Consulting Services Offerings. 

Why IE for Cloud Security

Below are just a few of the reasons people choose us when developing their cloud security strategies. 

Zero Trust Security Consulting

We’ve been in the cybersecurity game for over 25 years, and we can help you navigate Zero Trust methodology. We follow the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) framework when developing cybersecurity recommendations for your business. Consider our security consulting offerings if you need help identifying risks, preparing your team for trending cyber threats, and build an infrastructure strategy for securely scaling your business.

Any-Prem Approach to Security

Whether you’re predominantly on-premise with a few cloud applications, or making a full transition to the cloud, we can help you navigate security challenges wherever your business operates. We can identify security vulnerabilities within your environment and reinforce your infrastructure to tighten your overall security posture.  

Security Tech Partnerships

We work with some of the best security tech vendors in the industry. Our partners offer solutions to cover every aspect of your Zero Trust environment. You’ll be able to leverage the expertise of all these vendors in addition to our team of security experts. We’ll help you choose the best solutions for your needs, so that you can defend your business. 

Additional Cybersecurity Solutions

Network Access Control Endpoint Protection Identity Management Threat Intelligence

Implement a Zero Trust Environment.

Network Access Control

Take control of traffic and devices accessing your network.

Block unauthorized users and manage network access with a Zero Trust environment for your organization.

Fortify Devices on Your Network.

Endpoint Protection

Defend your end-user devices on-prem and in the cloud.

Leverage end-user security awareness training to make your staff the first line of defense against phishing threats. To improve IT operations, we have solutions Point-in-Time protection, Retrospective Security, File Reputation & Sandboxing, and continuous analysis to help end point devices on your network.

Efficiently Manage User Access Privileges.

Identity Management

Protect against data leaks and insider threats with our Identity Management solutions.

The right people should have the right access at the right time. Simplify identity management and gain visibility into the devices on your network so you can more quickly address threats and anomalies, and keep your environment secure.

Know Your Attack Vectors.

Threat Intelligence

Understand threat patterns to better defend against-cyber attacks.

Stay on top of current threat trends and build a security infrastructure to automate your threat detection and response capabilities. Preparation is key for defending against the latest cyber-attacks and recovering quickly when necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

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