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Your Services Are Evolving. Is Your Network?

Customer expectations are rising for new, innovative services and better experiences.

Consumers are asking you to provide them with dependable, high-speed internet that connects them to the people, devices, and services they care about. Businesses are relying on you to help them support their digital workplace by providing services to their remote, roaming, and hybrid workforce. Both are rapidly consuming bandwidth and expecting more performance and reliability with better customer support. Are you positioned to meet these rising expectations with an infrastructure that can also deliver new services and revenue streams?

Common Challenges

Bandwidth Demands

Difficulty meeting bandwidth demand as customers connect more devices and leverage the internet more prominently in their businesses and homes. 

Connectivity Issues

Frequently troubleshooting connectivity issues with root causes stemming from insufficient network bandwidth, hardware and software issues, and security incidents. 

Outdated Infrastructure

Outdated infrastructure design that has you struggling to maintain and operate a redundant and reliable infrastructure for your customers.

Security Disruptions

Increasing issues in protecting your infrastructure from attacks including DDOS and Ransomware and effectively remediating these disruptions when they occur.  


Manual Network Administration

Difficulty finding and staffing qualified engineers to support a growing network due to manual configuration and remediation. And, inconsistent configuration creates errors and vulnerabilities in the network.

Solutions & Partner Recommendations

Network Security Consulting Services

Security Risk Assessment Incident Response Readiness Virtual CISO (vCISO)

Security Risk Assessment

Compliance requirements, budget constraints, and lack of qualified staff make it difficult to keep data safe. With a Security Risk Assessment, you'll get the knowledge you need to successfully navigate information security challenges.

Incident Response Readiness

Cyberattacks can happen at any moment. When they do, the time it takes your organization to detect, respond, and recover can determine how much financial loss, business disruption, and damage to your brand occurs. With our Incident Response Readiness Assessment, you can be confident that your organization is prepared to identify and respond to attacks quickly to minimize the impact on your organization.

Virtual CISO (vCISO)

Having a leader responsible for IT security is critical in today's world, but talent is hard to find and budgets may prevent hiring those best equipped to protect your organization. IE's Virtual CISO offering makes IE an extension of your team, providing analysis and guidance when and where you need it.

How we can Help

When your customers count on you to provide reliable and secure high-speed data and voice services, you need a partner you can trust.

We have over 25 years of experience in service provider networking and engineering - it’s in our name! Assisting local and global service providers is more than just our expertise, it’s our heritage. We help our customers to achieve the following benefits.

Increase Network Capacity

Our team of experts can help you analyze demand and deploy advanced technologies to increase capacity.  This may include load-balancing for traffic optimization or complete backbone upgrades to 40GB or 100GB. 

Stable, Redundant, and Secure Connections

Through our various partnerships that offer products specific to service providers, you'll have access to the newest technology solutions to help you keep up with the rising demands of the your customers.

Streamline Traffic & Reduce Business Costs

We can help you deploy solutions that allow dynamic traffic engineering across both public and private domains. We can design solutions that provide you with the capabilities to make your networks run faster and more efficiently, resulting in reduced overall costs.

Improve Your Customer Experience

Partnering with IE allows you to serve your customers like never before. Through faster outage response time, more secure and reliable connectivity, and a scalable infrastructure that enables your customers to connect all their devices without missing a beat, you’ll create an unforgettable customer experience for the people you serve.

What to Expect: A Message From Jimmy Anderson at HTC (Horry County Telephone Cooperative)

Join your local Service Provider peers

Service Provider Tech Summit

September 20-21, 2023 at Le Meridien Hotel Charlotte

The Service Provider Tech Summit is a two-day, interactive event hosted by Horry Telephone Cooperative and Internetwork Engineering that invites peer-to-peer discussion on current challenges, triumphs, and best practices in the field. *This event is for service providers, led by service providers! 

*Only registrations from regional non-competing service providers will be accepted.


What to Expect: A Message From Jimmy Anderson at HTC (Horry County Telephone Cooperative)

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