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IE's IT Staff Augmenation

Quickly Scale Your Team

If you have projects you can't seem to get to, or need a specific skill to make it happen, consider our IT Staff Augmentation services. We can help you quickly scale your team with the expertise you need. This will free your staff for more strategic objectives or to bolster IT operations, whichever you prefer. You’ll gain the skilled manpower you need for the duration of your initiative, and because we are an IT services and solutions company, you’ll have access to the knowledge and experience of our entire technical team. 

IE's IT Staff Augmenation

Challenges Solved by IT Staff Augmentation

Skills Gaps

Many companies have a big IT projects, but don't have the in-house skills to make it happen. Or they may the skills but not enough of them to dedicate to a large initiative without negatively impacting other projects or IT operations. Thus, the business is faced with the possibility of a lengthy recruiting process that may jeopardize the project timeline, especially where unique skills are in high demand.

Recruitment Risks

Recruiting can be a long and expensive process. You and your HR department are often inundated with hundreds of candidates to review, many of which are not a good fit. And just because a resume looks promising, you still have the difficulty of validating that the candidate has the depth of knowledge needed to succeed and that they fit the culture of your organization. 

Business Growth

Business growth is exciting. It can also be stressful due to recruiting, training and staffing challenges. These growing pains are often prevalent in the IT department as finding qualified and affordable IT talent to meet your staffing needs can be a real challenge. 

Our IT Staff Augmentation Process


You'll meet with our team to discuss your business objectives, technical skill-level requirements, culture needs, and timeframe. 


We’ll create a short list from our available tech experts that meet your criteria and after we've thoroughly vetted them, you'll interview them as well. And because we as an IT Services and Solutions company, you can rest easy knowing that your new resource has access to the knowledge and experience of our entire technical team.


You'll quickly scale your team with the expertise you need to support your business goals. Your new technologist can help you with day-to-day IT operations, or more strategic objectives. The choice is yours.

Top Three Staff Aug Benefits

Why IE for IT Staff Augmentation Services?

We have a unique approach to IT Staff Augmentation services born out of the need of our customers. Unlike staffing services, we have deep technical domain expertise in-house due to our professional services organization.  

Depending on your needs and timelines, we'll either supply one our our FTEs or utilize these tech experts to rigorously vet candidates for your role. And once your tech expert starts, they'll have full access to our team of experts; a robust knowledge base encompassing many technologies and years of experience. We give you the manpower and skills you need to move the business forward. 


Additional Professional Services Offerings

Not sure if IT Staff Augmentation is what you need? We offer a full suite of IT Professional Services offerings, including Project Implementation and Development. 

Project Implementation Development

On Time, On Budget

Project Implementation

Get the skills and manpower you need to make your project a reality.

If you have a defined project in mind, but lack the manpower or the skillsets to properly implement it, Project Implementation was made for you! Our expert technologists are experienced in multiple tech architectures and industries to help bring your Ideas to Execution.

Automate Your Tech Stack


Get the most out of your tech investments and simplify your configuration process.

Ensure consistent configurations across your environment to reduce security vulnerabilities with integration and automation. Utilizing custom programming and APIs will allow you to get the most out of your tech investments by automating repetitive tasks to free up your team.

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