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How You Can Prepare for Your Next Audit

No one wants to fail a compliancaudit. With the associated fines, restrictions, distractions from the core business, and the potential damage to your public image, it’s no wonder the audit process is so stressful. To successfully prepare for your next audit, you must understand your current state and the gaps you must close. Our audit readiness services help you identify compliance gaps and allocate resources where needed.

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What Does our Audit Readiness Process Look Like?


First, we’ll assess your current IT systems, standards, processes, and procedures, and even people. As with all IE consulting engagements, we'll provide you a deliverable and the data collected so you can validate our findings.


Next, we'll review your compliance obligations and upcoming audit plans and advise how to best remediate shortcomings. We'll prioritize our analysis based on the amount of time required to implement changes and that which will provide the most positive impact on your organization. 


Based on our analysis, we'll prepare a list of recommendations and review their implementation with you. This may involve removing or updating outdated standards, systems, processes, and procedures with the goal of helping you close existing gaps with the least amount of effort. In the process, you'll improve your security posture, which will create dividends not just during the audit, but also well after. 

Audit Readiness Assessment Offerings

Below are our most common audit readiness assessments. 

HIPAA Readiness Assessment

With over 25 years of experience in the healthcare space, we understand the evolving requirements of securing patient data for seamless healthcare ecosystems, integrated telehealth, and interoperable patient data transfer.  

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PCI Readiness Assessment

If you process credit cards, then you’ve likely encountered a PCI audit. We’ll assess your current environment (applications, ports, etc.) to help you meet your compliance obligations.

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CMMC Readiness Assessment

If you do or plan to do business with the Federal Government, you already know that CMMC, and possibly DFARS, are prerequisites to any transactions. These new standards have caught many organizations off guard. Allow IE to streamline your audit preparation so you can get back to business.  

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CJIS Readiness Assessment

Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) compliance is required in any circumstance where inmate information is stored and process. It applies to state, local, and federal levels of government and law enforcement. IE can help you ensure the safety of this data. 

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The Benefits of Getting Audit Ready with IE

Our in-depth industry expertise, compliance know how, and modular assessments can help keep you audit-ready! 

Industry-Specific Compliance Experience

You’ll work with a team experienced in audit readiness for multiple compliance frameworks. Our consulting team has worked across many industries and knows exactly what to look for to ensure youre meeting your unique compliance obligations.  

Assessments with a Modular Approach

Our audit readiness engagements are modular, allowing us to assess only the relevant systems and processes through the lens of the audits you need to be ready for. This simplifies and speeds our delivery while still providing a customized and structured approach to ensure you satisfy audit requirements. 

Compliance-Focused Consulting

From building your IT Strategy, to incorporating a better Business Continuity Planwe review your business goals, and create an actionable roadmap to help you succeed while maintaining compliance standards. By incorporating compliance into your IT practices and processes, passing future audits will be a snap.

Audit Related Certifications

We hold multiple audit-related certifications, including CISACISMCISSPGIAC-GSTRTPMP, and CISA. While we are not certified auditors, we can provide you with quick, cost-effective guidance to streamline your audit process.

How our other Consulting Services support Audit Readiness

Our Consulting Services are complementary and combinable to solve broad issues or to dig deeper into one area of concern.

IT Governance & Security IT Strategy Assessments

Improve Security with Business & IT Alignment.

IT Governance & Security

Align IT with your business strategy to mitigate risk and improve your security posture.

While audit readiness is focused on passing an audit at a given point in time, you should be audit-ready at all times. By incorporating our governance services, we'll help you create checks and balances that ensure compliance requirements are constantly in place. And we'll focus on properly securing your environment which often exceeds the minimal compliance standards necessary to pass an audit. 

IT for Strategic Business Enablement.

IT Strategy

Is your current IT Strategy setting you up for success, or does it need a refresher?

While compliance may not seem strategic, preparing for audits can interfere with pursuing your IT Strategy. We recommend incorporating compliance requirements into your IT Strategy to minimize the distractions audits can present. Our IT Strategy Consulting engagements incorporate security mechanisms to limit risk and maintain compliance. 

Improve Your Security Posture.


Our assessments can provide deep inspection and actionable recommendations in preparation for a compliance audit.

Our Audit Readiness engagements combine our knowledge of compliance requirements with various assessments to measure the teams, processes and systems that are subject to audit. By leveraging IE's assessment offerings, not only will you be audit ready, but you'll also have knowledge of the architectural and process best practices to ensure IT excellence across your organization. 

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