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Keep your team securely connected no matter the distance! 

COVID-19 forced many businesses into a work from home model. How did your systems handle the strain of keeping everyone virtually connected? As people slowly return to the office, remote and hybrid workers are the new norm. Now more than ever, finding virtual conferencing solutions that keep your team securely connected, maintain communication standards from any device or location, and improve efficiency while supporting departmental demands is crucial. Conferencing solutions that integrate with your existing tools, or have a customizable API, are ideal to simplify onboarding and contain cost.  

Website_Conferencing_Overview Mobile and Tablet Image

Conferencing Challenges

Businesses are increasingly struggling with these challenges as the hybrid worker becomes the new normal.

Disparate Collaboration Tools

Lack of Collab Tool Integration Capabilities

Low Utilization and Entitlement

Lack of Security for Virtual Connections

Maintaining Workplace Culture with Remote Workers

Conferencing Technology Solutions

Not sure which Solutions align with your conferencing goals? Our preferred tech stack has conferencing solutions from some of the best tech vendors in the industry. Here are our top recommendations.  


Compare Webex and Zoom with our Buyer's Guide

Get a point by point comparison of these two collaboration solutions to find out which one is the better fit for your organization!


The Benefits of Better Conferencing Technology

Conferencing solutions can bring your team together regardless of location. Discover the benefits of hybrid and virtual work models with conferencing solutions that help meet business demands.

Improved Business Agility

Maintain Company Culture

Supplement Your Existing Conferencing Solution

Even with non-Microsoft Endpoints!

Meet Anytime, Anywhere

Consistent User Experience

Are you using your Webex platform to its fullest potential?

Get the most out of your Cisco Webex platform  with our Webex Adoption Services. First we'll help you accurately configure and then onboard your users. Then, we'll monitor and report on usage so you can head off any adoption or training issues.

You'll gain high levels of adoption, enhance productivity and communications, create connected teams, and get the most ROI from your conferencing investment. 

Learn More

Webex Resource Page

Looking to upgrade your conferencing solutions? Check out our Webex resource page. It's full of engineer-curated feature demos for tools like Webex Go and Webex Calling. 

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Need More Collaboration Technology Solutions? 

We specialize in collaboration solutions for today's modern workforce. We'll help keep your teams securely connected, the communication flowing, and your business thriving. Office walls not required!

Unified Communications Contact Center

Unite Solutions. Enhance Customer Experience.

Unified Communications

Provide a seamless communication experience for your team and customers.

Unite your collaboration tech stack and enhance your business agility. Your team can connect via any device, from any location, and any method with our suite of UC solutions.

Enhance the Customer Experience

Contact Center

Give your customers more ways to reach you.

Enhance the customer journey and improve your internal team’s efficiency. Empower agents to collaborate and deliver faster solutions for a better customer experience through phone, email, video, chat, SMS, or social. 


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Is On-Premise or Cloud Conferencing better?

How do I keep my team secure when they are collaborating virtually?

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Find the Right Video Conferencing Solution for Your Team!

Work with our team of experienced Collaboration professionals to help empower employee connections and bolster business productivity!