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Secure Your Environment, Ensure Continuity

Our Managed Security services focus on the management of your network and end-user security devices. It's a service that replaces the need to purchase products and add security head count. Our NOC is staffed with experienced engineers who'll manage your environment centrally 24x7

Noc staff at data center

IE's Managed Security Services supports the following functions:

Cloud Managed Physical & Virtual Firewalls

Network Address Translation (NAT) 

Defend against cyber threats by supporting your NAT functions and concealing internal IP addresses to enhance online privacy.

De-Militarized Zone (DMZ) 

Fortify your network's defenses and create a secure buffer zone to safeguard your sensitive assets, perfect for isolating web servers from internal systems.

Stateful firewall inspection 

Enhance your cybersecurity and get comprehensive protection against unauthorized access; critical for monitoring and controlling incoming/outgoing network traffic.

Authentication Proxy

Secure user authentication is essential and a prerequisite for policy enforcement of users or groups.

Transparent Firewall

Bolster your network security by detecting and preventing threats without disrupting your user experience; ideal for securing traffic without requiring user configuration.

Site-to-site & Remote Access VPN

Ensure secure and seamless connectivity by enabling reliable access to your network from anywhere; essential for secure remote work and interconnecting branch offices.

Additional Security

Secure Endpoint Protection

Protect individual devices on your network from cybersecurity threats.

DNS Security

Safeguard your Domain Name System (DNS) from cyber threats and ensure data integrity by directing users to legitimate websites.

Malware & Breach Protection

Proactively detect, prevent, and respond to malicious activities within your environment.

Security Visibility

Gain unparalleled insights into your network security to assist with informed decision-making and rapid threat response.

Predictive intelligence

Leverage predictive Intelligence with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and advanced data analytics in your environment for an agile, comprehensive, and data-driven approach.

Managed Security Services Benefits

Reduce Capital Expenses

By choosing IE's Managed Security Services, you can say goodbye to the hassle of buying and updating security devices. No more dealing with never-ending capital expenses, as you'll only have to focus on smaller recurring operational costs to maintain a secure and efficient environment.

Leverage Credentialed Security Experts

IE takes the responsibility of managing network and device security off your IT staff, becoming an essential extension of your expert IT team. You'll gain access to our highly experienced security engineers' vast knowledge and administration, backed by decades of invaluable expertise. With IE, your network and devices are in the hands of true security professionals.

Simplify Security Decisions

IE uses Automation and AI through top-of-the-line technology to manage your network and end-user security devices efficiently. You'll gain important insights into the security of your environment which will allow you to make more informed decisions for your business/organization. 

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Customer Feedback

"The services and support we received from Internetwork Engineering were outstanding. Their technical staff really knows how to maximize the value..., and their sales people do a great job of understanding the business needs and acting on your behalf with the vendors. IE understands what being a partner is all about."

Pete Kovacs
Director of IT Infrastructure, CaptiveAire

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about OnDemand? We’ve got answers. 

Does IE have a Security Operations Center (SOC) or penetration testers?

What level of security certified personnel does IE have on staff?

Does IE provide security incident response?

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Secure Your Environment, Get Peace of Mind

With IE's Managed Security Services, you'll get the administration you need to confidently monitor and manage your cloud-based security systems and on-premises devices.