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IE's Retail Services

How Retail Has Evolved

Recent global events sent consumers flocking to e-commerce platforms to fulfill their buying needs while businesses that lacked digital capabilities suffered. Consumers now expect an exceptional and seamless customer experience regardless of how they interact with your brand; web, mobile, phone or in-person. Do you have the infrastructure to support digital demand and delight your customer with every interaction? 

IE's Retail Services

Improve Your Retail and E-tail Capabilities.

Ensure you have the right technology solutions to support your multi-channel sales strategy.

Better Customer Service Smart Wi-Fi  Business Agility Retail Cybersecurity

Unite Your Team

Better Serve Your Customers

Collaboration technology helps you enhance your associate’s ability to provide an incredible customer experience.  

Are critical sales, support, and operations staff working from home? Now you can quickly on-board and train your associates with video conferencing and virtual white-boarding sessions from anywhere. Whether in-person or remote, you can unite your team to provide a seamless, standardized, and exceptional customer experience. 

Modern collaboration technology helps you keep up with the fast-paced, multi-channel buying style of today's consumers where frictionless transactions are expected and great service and support earn 5 star reviews. 

Personalized Customer Experience

Smart Wi-Fi for Intelligent Recommendations

Deliver a better consumer experience with the latest Wi-Fi solutions.

Keep consumers in your physical and e-commerce stores longer with a personalized mobile experience. You can leverage purchase history, favorite physical locations and even in-store location dwell data to personalize their shopping experience. You can accomplish this and more with modern Wi-Fi and mobility solutions.  

Build Retail Resiliency

Quickly Pivot Business Operations

When consumer behavior shifts rapidly, you need the agility to pivot quickly from from physical to e-commerce and back.  

To survive recent events, businesses have had to build their e-commerce and mobile capabilities. In today’s digital world, customers expect options, so you need to remain agile and invest in a flexible data center and cloud infrastructure. This will allow you to support trending customer demands and help you meet your customers how and where they want to engage with your brand.

Protect Consumer Data  

Any-Prem Cybersecurity

Secure customer data and business operations with leading security services and solutions.

Online shopping is at an all-time high and shows no signs of slowing while cybersecurity threats have grown more sophisticated. Now is the time for retailers to prioritize the cyber-safety of their customers and associates, secure their inventory, and protect their brand.

Consulting Services Offerings

Whether buying online or in the venue, your associates and store must adhere to strict PCI and cybersecurity standards. Get the compliance and security guidance you need with our Consulting Services offerings.

Need help finding the cyber liability insurance coverage your store needs?

Protect your business from data breaches and malicious software attacks with expert security consulting and customized cyber insurance policies.

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Why Choose IE to Improve Your Retail Experience?

We have the expertise and experience to help you protect and build your brand.

Compliance Expertise 

Our team specializes in audit and compliance readiness consulting. Our PCI Readiness Assessment will help you limit your scope and test your systems so you are audit ready. And, if you need guidance to shore up your defenses, consider our Strategic Security Architecture Roadmap service so you'll know what tools can help you achieve consistent compliance. 

Retail Tech Partnerships 

We partner with trusted technology manufacturers that have a proven history of helping our retail customers. Our team is trained and certified in our partner tech solutions so we can offer expert configuration and deployment, accelerating adoption. Our knowledge of these solutions and the retail industry allows us to give you the best recommendations to achieve your goals.  

Retail Process 

We have years of experience in retail. Since our founding in 1996, we’ve seen the explosion of e-commerce and mobile and the resulting rise in security breaches. By partnering with IE, you’ll have the breadth of expertise needed to build an agile and resilient data center, a secure network that improves the customer experience, collaboration solutions to enhance the associate and customer support, and physical and virtual security solutions to protect your inventory.


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Transform Your Retail Environment and Drive Competitive Advantage

From point-of-sale to back-office, get the tools you need to improve the customer experience and secure consumer data.