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Why Assess Your IT Strategy?

Understanding your business goals, current capabilities, and how to address limitations will help you achieve better business outcomes. Let us help you create a plan that takes IT from cost center to strategic advantage.

IT Strategy Consulting Offerings

Business IT Alignment Advisor

This assessment will gauge the maturity of your IT operations and how it functions within your larger business. The outcome will help you determine if IT is effectively enabling and supporting your operations. 

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Business Impact Analysis

How is your business impacted when systems are offline, your offices are forced to close, your supply chain disappears, or a disaster affects your facilities? Our Business Impact Analysis will discover the risks to your business and the effect of each so that you can focus on the most impactful mitigation plans. 

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Ransomware Readiness Advisor

Bad guys are probing your IT systems every day. Odds are, they'll eventually find a vulnerability and exploit it. When this happens, your response could mean the difference between annoyance and disaster. IE's Ransomware Readiness Advisor simulates such scenarios to test your people, tools, and processes, then provides recommendations to improve your readiness for the real thing. 

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Virtual CISO

Everyone knows having a leader responsible for IT security is critical in today's world, but talent is hard to find and budgets may prevent hiring those best equipped to protect your organization. IE's Virtual CISO offering provides experienced security professionals that will provide expert analysis and recommendations and team leadership when and where you need it. 

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Why Enhance your IT Strategy with IE?

See why customers choose us to help build and improve their IT Strategy.

Honest Advisement

The upsell is never our goal. We will provide honest feedback on whether a particular technology will benefit your business and whether your IT team has the maturity and skills to effectively adopt it. We will meet you where you're at and give you advice to improve at a pace that's realistic. We understand what it takes to make an IT Strategy that works well and won’t compromise your end goal. Your success and peace of mind is our only goal.  

25+ Years of Expertise

25+ years in the tech arena means we’ve learned a thing or two. We can simplify your IT initiatives because we’ve done it successfully so many times before. We specialize in multiple industries and technology architectures so you can have one company that is accountable for your success without multi-vender finger pointing. Our people are always on top of the latest trends to ensure that you are positioned to take advantage of them.

Cost-effective Tech Implementation

Making IT a strategic part of the business can seem daunting so you want quick, cost-effective solutions that you can implement now. Our consultants will identify your desired outcomes, IT maturity, and your ability to operationalize recommendations. We won’t propose solutions that won't provide value or aren't proven in the industry.

Proven Process

We follow ITIL and PMI standards for project implementation and ongoing operations, meaning you’ll get consistent results every time. We’ve spent years perfecting our approach, so that we can get in and get out, implementing strategic recommendations with the least amount of stress possible.  

Additional Consulting Services

Our IT Strategy services will align your IT investments to your business goals and provide an actionable plan for implementation.

IT Governance & Security Assessments Audit Readiness

Optimize Security with Business and IT Alignment.

IT Governance & Security

Align your IT with your business goals to enhance your overall strategy.

By identifying sponsors and task owners, and building governance processes, you can increase the effectiveness of your IT Strategy. And because cybersecurity is a major threat to all organizations, IE's IT Strategy and Governance consulting engagements incorporate security mechanisms to limit risk. 

Gauge Your Operational Efficiency.


The first step towards improving your security posture, is identifying your vulnerabilities.

A better IT strategy requires meaningful, tactical analysis and actionable recommendations. We’ll assess your current IT environment and processes, identify deficiencies, and recommend actionable changes that contribute to your overall strategy. Through our custom-tailored assessments, you'll quickly get analysis that contributes to larger goals.

Maintain Compliance Standards.

Audit Readiness

Test against your compliance demands and business goals to enhance your security.

Preparing for a compliance audit shouldn’t be so stressfulWe’ll identify what your auditors are looking for and identify gaps to be remediated. Our services incorporate your overall strategy to ensure that not only will the audit go smoothly, but it will also contribute to your long-term goals. You’ll receive custom-tailored advisement based on your compliance obligations, which will help ensure your business has the necessary people, processes, and tools to help you succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Ready to build your IT Strategy?

Move your business forward with an IT Strategy that incorporates your company goalscompliance obligations, and continuity.