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What is data protection?

In addition to data security and recovery, data protection encompasses data availability and access privileges, typically in the data center. Data protection should be an integral part of your decision process when evaluating storage and backup solutions, virtual machine infrastructure, network design and security controls. 

Website_Data Protection_Overview

Have You Experienced Any of These Data Protection Challenges?

  • Meeting backup and recovery objectives

  • Data Center Breaches / Cyber Attacks / DDoS Attacks

  • Data replication to remote or cloud data centers

  • Data leaks and insider threats

  • Business interruption from hardware or software issues


Data Protection Solutions and Our Partner Recommendations

Each of our elite partners provide solutions to help you prevent data breaches, maintain more control and visibility of your data, and recover faster from worst-case scenarios. When combined with our expertise in design, deployment and support, you can sleep easier knowing your data is safe.

Data Storage and HCI

Pure Storage



Dell EMC

Backup and Recovery






Microsoft Azure

Virtual Machines & Replication



Red Hat

Data Center Security





Palo Alto


The Benefits of a Strong Right Data Protection Approach

Protect company intellectual property

Avoid or quickly recover from disruption

Enhance business resiliency and agility

Detect threats and prevent attacks before they disrupt your business

Why Choose IE for Data Protection?

Network may be in our name but rest assured, we're data center experts too.  Just ask our customers. Our team holds advanced technical certifications and has proven experience in the latest data protection designs and technologies. Here's how we make it happen.

Data Center Strategy Expertise

Every data center design we create includes a seamless data protection strategy. We know the process, and once we've reviewed your environment, we can embed the security posture your data center needs to put your mind at ease and keep your data safe. 

Certified Security Consultants

Cybersecurity is the heart of our company. We've been certified experts in this area for over 20 years. This means that every recommendation we offer for your environment has been thoroughly analyzed from a cybersecurity perspective. We know what it takes to protect your data and recover quickly should the worst happen.


Data Center Depth

We are experts in three major data center architectures: networking, storage, and compute. Paired with our cybersecurity focus, we can weave data protection into your any-premises infrastructure. You'll have a secure data center that supports your business goals.

Best in Tech Partnerships

We work with some of the biggest and most trusted names in tech to bring you the very best options to improve your data protection strategy. These partnerships also allow us to stay informed about new tech innovations, strategies, as well as potential cyber threats to keep us on top of our game.

Customized Data Center Solutions for Any Industry

We understand the data center can be complex. That's why, in addition to Data Protection, we have deep technical skills with real world experience in a wide variety of data center infrastructure. Our goal is to make certain your data center is not only secure, but optimized, automated, and simplified to support the business outcomes your company needs. 

Networking Compute Converged/Hyperconverged Data Storage Cloud


Data Center Networking

Simplify and secure data center traffic with modern network automation.

Automatically deploy consistent policy across your data center infrastructure. With forward-thinking technology, you can build an infrastructure that easily scales for the demands of today's hybrid and multi-cloud environments.



Get the latest compute innovations to protect and recover virtual machine environments.

Scale your virtual machine environment with the resiliency and data protection your business needs. Our modular compute solutions are designed for unparalleled density and throughput and with the ability to easily target hot spots with additional memory, CPU or storage. When combined with platform wide management and automation, you can build a on-premises cloud or seamlessly connect to public or hosted private clouds.  



Simplify data protection by unifying essential data center components into a unified system.

Make the upgrade and take your data center infrastructure to the next level. Converged and Hyperconverged solutions can simplify your data center management, and provide robust data protection to reduce business risk.


Data Storage

Upgrade your storage solutions to reliable flash drive technology and get the data protection your business needs.

Our flash storage solutions don't have mechanical drives which are prone to fail and cause data corruption. Simplify your data storage environment and eliminate the worry and hassle of complicated recovery processes.



Leverage the cloud for quick access to data protection solutions. The right cloud-based solutions can improve your data centers flexibility for multi-cloud, and hybrid-cloud environments.

Improve your data center elasticity and business agility with a scalable infrastructure that leverages the power of the cloud. As more cloud solutions come onto the scene, ensure you have the capacity to integrate them within your ecosystem to improve your customer experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

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