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IE's Project Implementation Services

Why You Need Project Implementation Services

Whether it's scope creep, missed deadlines, communication issues, or a blown budget, there are a lot of ways for IT implementation projects to go sideways. Over the years, we've been called in to get projects back on track after these and other avoidable circumstances.

Implementation Services can help you take the risk out of your next IT project. Having an experienced team that can anticipate and overcome common project challenges can be the difference between a successful project or one riddled with issues and additional expenses. 

IE's Project Implementation Services

Project Implementation with IE

We work with you to define and document the success criteria for your project along with a technical design. Then our engineers and project managers develop and execute a project plan to meet your goals. And whether your IT team is large or small, we can work as independently or closely with you as you'd like. With our team of expert technologists, you’ll experience quick time-to-value, a consistent process, and documentation upon completion of the project. We'll be with you every step of the way to make your next IT project a success. 

The Process


Using our Ideas to Execution (I2E) methodology, we’ll work with you to define success criteria, flesh out and scope your project in detail, and identify a realistic timeline. 


Our project managers will work closely with yours to establish and document major project milestones. They'll also work with our engineers to ensure the right skills are on the team, identify contingencies and risk, and develop a communication and escalation plan.


We have a relentless focus on tight, well coordinated execution. Our team of experts have skills ranging from collaboration to networking and data center, and of course, cybersecurity. When you need it done right, and right on time, we have the expertise you need! 

Why IE for Project Implementation

Learn why IE has the expertise, tools, and technologists you need to get your project done right the first time. 


See Your Benefits

Additional Professional Services

Not sure if Project Implementation is what you’re looking for? We offer a variety of Professional Services to give you the breadth of expertise you need, when you need it.  

IT Staff Augmentation Development

Quickly Scale Your Team

IT Staff Augmentation

Get the skills sets you need, exactly when you need them.

Gain the expertise you need to accomplish your IT goals and execute your projects. You’ll have access to our certified technologists to quickly scale your team with the skills you need.  

Customize & Automate


Get the most out of your tech investments and free up IT.

Automate repetitive tasks with consistent configuration across your environment and free up your team for more strategic objectives. Custom programming can help you streamline IT operations while mitigating security vulnerabilities.  


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How do you assign a Project Manager?

Do you follow a specific project process?

I had a specific engineer for a previous project, can I request him again?

We have a specific deadline, can you meet it?

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