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Is your agency ready for the new normal?

Secure, Connected Communities

Enhance safety and convenience for citizens and efficiency for government with a digital-first approach. We can help you design and deploy a resilient infrastructure, so you’ll be ready for smart city initiatives. And of course, with the rise in cyber-attacks against government and critical infrastructure, we can help you develop and execute a plan to secure it all.

Is your agency ready for the new normal?

Common Challenges

Today's digital-first world has brought about a unique set of challenges for State and Local Government agencies. 

Insufficient Data Protection for Trending Cyberthreats

Limited WiFi Access for Community Events

Limited Technical Expertise for Strategic IT Projects

Lack of Infrastructure and Expertise for Smart City Projects

Enhance Your Agency Operations

We specialize in technology solutions that support your agency's goals and initiatives. Here are a few ways we can help you implement a secure infrastructure, empower your workforce, and better engage your citizens. 

IT Support & Security Smart City Deployments Digital Government Services Community Events

Protect Agency Data and Operations

IT Support & Security

Strengthen your security posture with cutting-edge technology and experienced cybersecurity consultants.

Your agency processes important citizen data. With new cloud and mobile capabilities, are you are you certain that the data is adequately protected? Our experienced cybersecurity consultants can help you identify compliance concerns and policy concerns and implement a multi-layer security strategy so you can stay safely connected with your citizen’s and staff. 

The Future of Communities

Smart City Deployments

Transform the everyday with IoT that keep your citizens and community securely connected.

Smart cities have become the norm. Rapid population growth is straining urban infrastructure, making efficient management essential. Our Mobility and Wi-Fi solutions can help you realize the power of the Internet of Things so you can capture, analyze and respond rapidly to the real world in real time. Get the support and expertise you need to make your ideas a reality.

Simplify Agency Receipts

Digital Government Services

Give your citizens the convenience they expect with each government interaction.

Citizens have grown accustomed to instant conveniences like online utility payment portals and mobile applications that simplify their obligations. Create a better user experience for your citizens! Build a secure and resilient infrastructure to ensure your citizens have these modern conveniences. By building digital, self-service solutions, you'll bolster your relationship with the communities you serve.

Improve Community Gatherings

Community Events

Give your citizens the safety, security, and connectivity needed for better events.

Enhance the experience for visitors and citizens! Provide guest Wi-Fi in key gathering spots while also providing secure connectivity for your workforce. This will enable data gathering and measure location density to determine your most popular venues. You can also improve the security of your community events with video surveillance solutions, command center communications, and First Responders.

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State & Local Government Compliance

We can help you navigate agency compliance requirements. Our modular approach to consulting provides quick, cost-effective recommendations with a prioritized list of issues so you can improve your overall security posture and meet compliance requirements. 


Why Choose IE?

We know you’ve got a lot of options for IT solution providers. It's important to find a partner that you not only can trust, but also one that recognizes the unique challenges facing state and local government agencies.

We have a team dedicated to supporting governments and offer comprehensive IT solutions and services to secure and digitize your agencies. And when budgets are tight, we can help you stretch your IT spend with our knowledge of grants and access to writers and consultants. 

Comprehensive IT Solutions

We can modernize your collaboration, networking, data center, and cybersecurity tech with our years of experience supporting state and local governments. You'll get an efficient and trusted partner who knows what it takes to simplify your agency so you can better support your citizens, making your community safe, sustainable and more economically competitive.

Dedicated State and Local Government and Education Personnel Teams  

We have a SLED (State and Local Gov + Education) vertical practice with dedicated field teams who have spent their careers supporting state and local government agencies. We’ve been involved in the state and local government space since IE’s inception, and we know how to analyze your agency environment efficiently to find areas we can streamline and improve.  


We are a part of your community! We believe it's important to be present in the communities we serve. Our proximity enables us to grow relationships built on trust which is hard to do over the phone and in another state. We're passionate about the same community and business entities you serve and support every day.  


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Additional Resouces

Securely Expand Your Digital Services

Modernize and simplify your agency's infrastructure to help minimize interruptions to your critical operations.