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Why WiFi6 Should Be a Part of Your Mobility Strategy

Growing mobility demands change how we build networks.

With increasing user demands for mobile access to applications, data, and services, WiFi6 should be a part of your mobility strategy. WiFi6 can help organizations rethink how networks are built to provide ease of support and more speed, bandwidth, and security.

This is especially true for high-density environments - locations with sizable crowds and/or lots of devices. Examples include stadiums and auditoriums, schools, shopping centers, hospitals, office buildings and manufacturing facilities. WiFi6 can provide a better user experience with seamless roaming, faster connections, and more security and control. 

Common Mobility & WiFi Challenges

  • Mobility

  • Wi-Fi

How it works_Mobility Challenges

Mobility Challenges

COVID-19 rapidly changed how and where we work and its impact on the workforce will have a lasting effect. With the growth in remote, roaming, and now hybrid workers, companies are dealing with the technology challenges created by large numbers of mobile workers.

  • Lost or Stolen Devices
  • Identity and Access Control
  • Difficulty Onboarding New Users
  • Data Leakage
  • Network capacity and resiliency
How it works_Mobility Challenges
How it Works WiFi Challenges

Wi-Fi Challenges

As mobility demands increase, so do demands for access to applications and data. Does your wireless network have the capacity and security to meet your business needs? Below are some of the common challenges we've heard from companies with legacy Wi-Fi solutions.

  • Security & Compliance issues
  • Lack of Bandwidth
  • Reliability & Performance gaps
  • Poor User Experience
  • Identifying "who" is on Your Network
How it Works WiFi Challenges

Mobility & WiFi Solutions

We're experts at delivering mobile experiences that positively impact your business. We provide superior design services and partner with leading manufacturers that offer scalable, secure, and reliable solutions that today's mobile users expect.   

Discover the Benefits Modern Mobility

Seamless Remote, Roaming, and Hybrid Work Environments

Better Support of IoT Initiatives

Scalable & Secure Access

Improved Network Access Control & User Onboarding

Faster Wireless Speeds for Better User Experience

Better Visibility & Simplified Management

Mobility & Wi-Fi Offerings

To make sure your mobility strategy supports everything from WiFi6 to 5G and beyond, get started with one of our wireless surveys or assessments.

Wireless Site Survey

Have you experienced spotty coverage, frustratingly poor connections, or interference on your Wi-Fi network? These are all signs that you need a Wireless Site Survey from the experts at IE. We use advanced RF analysis tools to analyze signal strength and interference (noise) for maximum throughput and coverage based on your specific location. New Wi-Fi equipment won't fix a poor design so talk to our wireless experts before investing in a new wireless network and be sure to ask about our wireless performance guarantee!

Learn more

WLAN Assessment

We'll analyze the current capability and configuration of your Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) equipment and determine if those standards meet your business and network requirements. Once we've identified any issues, we will make prioritized recommendations for optimizing your current Wireless LAN along with general industry best practices.

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Why Work with IE for Wireless

We offer full Wi-Fi life-cycle support including assessment, design, deployment and management and we even help design the Wi-Fi standards of the future!

Expertise in Radio Frequency (RF) Layer

Wireless devices connect using Radio Frequencies. There are different frequencies for different purposes and increasing, there is pressure to integrate them such as Wi-Fi and 5G to improve the user experience. We've been involved with wireless communication technologies for decades and are experts in the design, deployment and support of wireless networks.   

Established Wireless Lifecycle Process

Our proven survey process includes:

1. Site Survey

2. Design and Engineering

3. Selection of Hardware & Software Solution

4. Installation

5. Validation

People, Process, and Partners

Our established and successfully tested life-cycle processes guarantees success when we implement a wireless infrastructure for you. Your IE technologists will design wireless networks for the scalability and connectivity you need for real-world business mobility. Our consistency, diligence, and wireless expertise, combined with today's leading WiFi6 tech solutions from our partners, ensures you get a reliable and simplified wireless network to support your mobility needs.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Voting Member

As a voting member of the IEEE  with a large presence in different working groups, we’ve helped develop new  802.11 network technical standards and have been an official voting member on IEEE 1932.1 which scopes Wi-Fi and 5G integration to enable interoperability. You're getting a team that's deeply involved in Mobility and Wi-Fi technology. 

Need Other Networking Solutions?

Do you need network technology other than Mobility & Wi-Fi? Learn how we can provide a holistic approach to designing and delivering a robust and secure network for your business with our suite of modern networking solutions. 

Enterprise Networking Software Defined Networking IoT Network


Enterprise Networking

Is your network scalable enough to support today's immersive mobile experience?

Mobility demands are increasing. In order to stay competitive, your Enterprise Network has to be built to support the resiliency, capacity, and security that comes with increased mobile access to apps, data and services.


Software Defined Networking

Get greater network agility and enable your IT team to easily support growing mobility demands.

Simply and securely manage your network including WAN, Access and Core to easily support the growth in IoT and mobile devices.


IoT Network

Does your wireless network support IoT Initiatives and their associated technical requirements?

IoT requires a secure and scalable network. As more devices and sensors come online, you'll want to ensure that you have plenty of capacity, end-to-end security, and traffic segmentation. 

Why You Need a Wireless Site Survey

We have a proven survey methodology, top-notch RF analysis tools and expert RF engineers to ensure you don't waste time or money when you hire IE for a Wireless Site Survey.


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Mobility & WiFi Resources

Can Your Wireless Network Meet Growing Mobility Demands?

Ensure a wireless experience that goes beyond today's standards with reliable connectivity, improved speed, and Zero-trust security.