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Why is Your Network So Valuable?

The network is invaluable to your business. It provides the necessary speed and connectivity to your people, devices, equipment and applications. Most importantly, as the technology foundation for any organization, it provides value. Without a secure and scalable network that grows with your business, the solutions you need to solve business challenges and streamline operations couldn't function. So what makes it possible? Let's start with the basics. Switches, routers, and access points are foundational components of networking. While they each perform different functions, these essential networking basics work together to provide the digital services that keep you people connected and productive while supporting business objectives.  

Network Challenges from the Edge to the Cloud.

  • Performance issues due to increasing network traffic
  • Ability to support remote, roaming, and hybrid workers
  • Security monitoring and enforcement from the Cloud to the Campus
  • Secure multi-Cloud Connectivity
  • Operational and security issues because of manual network configurations


IE’s Networking Solutions

We provide Networking Technology that keeps pace with your business's growth. Discover how you can continue to innovate and reduce costs and complexity with our diverse portfolio of networking solutions.

Enterprise Networking

Is your network enough? Modernize your network so as it grows, it's scalable enough to support IoT initiatives, secure enough to protect itself from vulnerabilities, automated enough to reduce operational headcount, and has the agility to move to the cloud and support a remote, roaming, and hybrid workforce. 

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Mobility & Wi-Fi

Seamlessly and securely connect the growing number of users, sensors, and devices to your wireless networks. When it comes to delivering wireless solutions that offer the speed and connectivity your business needs, we've got you covered. 

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IoT Network

Build a scalable IoT network that connects the growing number of sensors and secures M2M data to support real-time business decisions.

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Software Defined Networking

Are you ready to deliver a more flexible and programmable network that's easier to manage and control? Simply network management with SDN to intelligently control your network and reduce IT Operations complexity. 

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The Benefits of a Reliable, Secure, and Agile Network

End-user and Customer Satisfaction

Ability to Launch New Services/Offerings Faster

Reduced Operational Expenses and Complexity

Decrease Security Risk and Increase Compliance

Ensure Less Downtime and More Application Uptime

Networking Experience You Can Trust

We have over 25 years of experience providing networking solutions that help our customers continue to innovate, simplify operations, and deliver on their desired business outcomes.

  • Our Partners

  • Our Process

  • Our People

Networking Main_Selective Partners Networking

Selective Technology Partnerships

We work with industry leading technology manufacturers so we can provide you with the most trusted solutions available.

Our networking experience combined with our strategic tech partnerships helps us ensure you have a network that can support business goals by being:

  • Scalable
  • Reliable
  • Secure
  • Agile

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Networking Main_Selective Partners Networking
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Formalized Processes & Procedures

We've spent years perfecting our I2E process to create efficient and optimal implementation.

Our I2E process allows us to provide you with:

  • A customer first culture
  • Quality
  • Consistency

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Experienced Networking Professionals

Networking is in our DNA. We've been providing Networking Solutions since the company's inception in 1996, but many of our technologists have been involved in Networking well before that time.

In additional to our many years of industry experience building and deploying networks, we also hold various expert Cisco Networking Certifications. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

On-premise or cloud-managed network switches? Which is best for my organization?

Customer Testimonials

"We suffered a power failure going into a weekend that shut our entire network down. IE worked with me to return our systems to full functionality. Not only did their engineer support us from his home on a Saturday, he also made a trip to the office to make sure everything was visually in working order. This type of support is the primary reason we use IE OnDemand and have made IE our support partner for well over 12 years." 

Shon Nixon
Midrex Technologies, Inc.

"They are our backbone for support. We have one guy that does all of our server and infrastructure work and he leans on IE for everything. Every question we have, we have an answer really quickly, even on Saturdays and Sundays somebody is always there to answer our questions. As we have completely changed our infrastructure, just not from networking but from server installations, they have been right there, every step of the way."

Randy Robbins
Director of IT, Bob Barker Company

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