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Seven employees at a desk in an office working on their computers

Why Managed Networking for your business?

In today's fast-paced world of business, ensuring seamless connectivity is non-negotiable. Managed Networking can enhance your connectivity, strengthen security measures, and streamline operations with a wide array of networking solutions tailored to meet your business's specific needs. Experience a seamless, dependable, and effortless networking experience with IE's Managed Networking.

Seven employees at a desk in an office working on their computers

Is Managed Networking Right for You?

Years of managing network infrastructure have taught us that the key often lies in your business's unique operations and goals. If you recognize these signs, Managed Networking could be the catalyst that transforms your network from a functioning tool into a powerful strategic advantage.

Dynamic Business Growth

Are you noticing a surge in your business's growth? As your network faces the challenge of increased demands, Managed Networking can help. Our scalable solutions guarantee that your network keeps up with your expanding business, providing a strong foundation for continuous growth.

Complex Network Infrastructure

As your network infrastructure grows more intricate, managing it in-house can become a daunting task. Our expertise is here to simplify the complexities of network management, empowering you to concentrate on your core business functions while we take care of the intricate details.

Security Concerns

In today's digital landscape, cybersecurity is of utmost importance. Safeguarding your valuable digital assets requires a comprehensive strategy that leaves no room for vulnerabilities. By fortifying your network against evolving cyber threats, we ensure that your business remains resilient and impervious to any potential harm.

Unpredictable IT Costs

The fluctuating costs of IT are wreaking havoc on your budget and financial security. With transparent pricing structures and predictable expenses, you gain the power to budget effectively, eleminating any unforeseen financial shocks.

Limited In-House IT Resources

If your business is struggling with limited resources or lacks the expertise to manage your network internally, we are here to help. Consider us an invaluable extension of your team, offering the necessary expertise and unwavering support to ensure a high-performing network.

Need for Proactive Issue Resolution

Don't let downtime and reactive problem-solving hinder your business operations any longer. With our vigilant 24/7 monitoring and proactive issue resolution, we guarantee that potential problems will be identified and resolved before they can even think about causing disruption to your business.

Focus on the Business at Hand

Managing your network can be a distraction from your main business operations. With our services, you can stay focused on what you excel at, knowing that your network is being handled by dedicated experts.

Strategic Approach to Connectivity

You recognize the value of your network as a crucial asset for your business, not just a basic utility. At IE, we fully understand and embrace your perspective, offering customized solutions that perfectly align with your unique business objectives, ultimately driving your overall strategic success.

Managed Networking Benefits

Simplified Network Management

Enhanced Performance and Reliability

Secure Connectivity

Scalability and Flexibility

Proactive Monitoring and Critical Response

Predictable Costs, Transparent Pricing

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Get a Pricing Estimate

How Much Will Managed Networking Cost?

Take this short survey to get a pricing range for Managed Networking in your environment!

Planning your IT budget shouldn't be a hassle. With Managed Networking, you can enjoy predictable costs and transparent pricing structures. Say goodbye to unexpected surprises and hidden fees, and say hello to a straightforward way to achieve optimized connectivity without breaking the bank. 



Man looking at iPad that is laid on his desk

Customer Feedback

“Our successful transition to a remote workforce with minimal business interruption can be attributed to our critical partnerships with Internetwork Engineering (IE) and Cisco prior to and during the Coronavirus health crisis.”

Michael Stout
IT Infrastructure Manager, Gregory Poole

"IE’s dedication to service with excellent expertise and knowhow in the IT industry is why we partnered with them. Excellent communication and skilled staff with quarterly review meetings and updates about growing trends with a proactive approach to all things IT."

Kofi Amadi,
Director of IT, Stanely Benefits

"When our phone system suffered an outage on a Saturday night, IE ruled out the network and contacted the phone and circuit companies. By Sunday morning, our system was fully operational. The way IE handled the situation was PERFECT! IE did exactly what I want my MSP to do ----- they just took care of it. Thank you IE team!"

Sean Stowers
Presbyterian Homes


If IE is managing the network, can the customer still make changes to the network?

Can IE manage a network that is made up of various vendor devices?

If the network goes down in the middle of the night, does the customer have to get woken up and assist on getting the network back up and running?

Other Managed Services Offerings

Explore our comprehensive suite of managed services offerings designed to streamline your operations and enhance your business performance. From cloud environments and collaboration tools to cybersecurity and comprehensive IT administration/management, we have the expertise and resources to help manage all your IT needs.

Managed IT Managed Cloud Managed Security Managed Collaboration

Managed IT

Comprehensive IT Support for end users, devices and IT Systems.

IE's Managed IT services are the perfect solution for companies with limited staff and resources. It provides swift and adaptable support for your IT management needs, whether you're dealing with major outages or lingering tasks. Managed IT acts as an extension of your team, delivering the assistance you require.

Managed Cloud

Level 2 support for customer private, hybrid, and public cloud environments

Our Managed Cloud services offer our valued customers an unparalleled level of support. With our Level 2 expertise, we are able to provide comprehensive assistance for all types of cloud environments, including customer private, hybrid, and public clouds. Whether you require assistance with setting up your cloud infrastructure, optimizing performance, or troubleshooting any issues that may arise, our team of experts is here to ensure that your cloud environment operates seamlessly. Trust us to provide the highest level of support and expertise, so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business.

Managed Security

Level 2 support for customer firewall, VPN, EDR, email, NAC, MFA, and DNS security

Our Managed Security provides you with exceptional Level 2 support for a wide range of security services. Our team of experts ensures the smooth and effective operation of your firewall, VPN, EDR, email, NAC, MFA, and DNS security systems.

With our comprehensive critical response, you can have peace of mind knowing that your security infrastructure is in safe hands. Whether you need assistance with configuring firewall settings, troubleshooting VPN connectivity, or implementing advanced threat detection, our team is ready to tackle any challenge.

Managed Collaboration

Level 2 support for customer voice, video, meeting, and contact center applications

This offering provides Level 2 support for a wide range of customer communication applications. Whether it's assisting with voice calls, video conferences, virtual meetings, or contact center operations, our team is dedicated to providing top-notch assistance every step of the way. With our expertise and experience, we ensure that your communication tools are running smoothly and efficiently. Trust us to handle any technical issues or challenges that may arise, so you can focus on what matters most – connecting with your customers and colleagues seamlessly.

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Explore the possibilities with Managed Networking and take the first step toward a future where your network is not just a utility but a strategic advantage.