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Why should you upgrade your data center networking infrastructure?

Data Center networking is a high speed network for connecting data center components (compute, networking, and storage) so that users can quickly access applications and process dataIt incorporates the use of hardware like switches, routers, servers, and controllers. As cloud computing becomes more prominent, Data Center Networks must provide greater bandwidth to accommodate data hungry users. New architectures like HCI and blade servers have paved the way for data center elasticity, while automated policy deployment has simplified consistent hardware onboarding with reduced configuration and security risk.  

Common Data Center Networking Challenges

Data Center Networking Solutions and Partner Recommendations

Our longstanding data center networking expertise means you'll have a modern network that's fast, flexible and secure so you can focus on your business.

The difference the right technology solution can make in your data center.

Greater Application Visibility

Easily and Securely Connect to Multiple Clouds

Require Less Manpower for Mundane Tasks

Improved Reliability and Security Posture

Stabilize Your Infrastructure and Simplify Troubleshooting

Automated, Consistent Policy Deployment

Why IE for Data Center Networking

Hardware and software components are only a piece of the puzzle. You need experience on your side to help you deploy solutions to accommodate cloud migration, software defined applications, and bandwidth demand. Let us help you achieve your business goals through our holistic approach to the data center. Here's how we do it.

Expertise and Depth

We our experts in all the major data center components: networking, storage, and compute! We can help you build a scalable infrastructure that both your business and technical needs.

ACI Implementation

We are among the first adopters of Cisco ACI, and proud of it! Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure is a software defined network tool that controls your entire data center network.  It helps you improve elasticity, scalability, and overall infrastructure agility while enhancing reliability and security.

Data Center Automation

The key to secure data center scalability and management is consistent policy deployment. Configure your policies first, then we’ll help you automate the deployment process to ensure every device on your network is configured the same lowering your risk for vulnerabilities. 

Development Services

When you're ready for automation or orchestration, we offer custom development services. We can help you automate individual tech components, a data center or multiple data centers and cloud services. The possibilities are endless but the benefits are the same; a cheaper, faster and  more agile and secure infrastructure. 

Need to Improve Your Data Center Infrastructure?

IE has expertise in various Data Center solutions to help you build, scale, automate, and adopt an infrastructure that supports your business initiatives now and in the future. 


Cloud Solutions Compute Data Storage Data Protection Converged Hyperconverged

Scale into the Future

Cloud Solutions

Enhance business agility, flexibility, and elasticity.

Build an infrastructure that can scale. The future is in the cloud so plan for multi-cloud adoption with an agile, secure infrastructure.

Simplify, Automate, & Scale.

Compute Solutions

Build a cloud ready server platform for tomorrow's applications.

Reduce your data center footprint, combat configuration drift and simplify server management with the new generation of compute platforms.  

Support Your Digital Transformation

Data Storage

Improve Data Storage scalability to accommodate your digital business initiatives.

A digital business requires more data storage, but stop the hoarding! Simplify your storage management and automatically spot commonalities in your data to save precious capacity.

Analyze, Plan, & Defend.

Data Protection

Protect your data everywhere to mitigate business disruption.

Identify your recovery-time objectives and build a plan to realize your goal! Your business continuity plan, incident response, and disaster recovery are all a part of your overall data protection strategy.

Scale Your Data Center Infrastructure.

Converged Hyperconverged

Easily and quickly scale your data center infrastructure.

Simplify your data center with a converged (CI) or hyperconverged (HCI) infrastructure. Gain the knowledge you need to properly deploy these infrastructures and unlock the benefits that come with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Data Center Networking Resources

Automate your Data Center Networking Infrastructure

Speak with our expert team of technologists and learn how to achieve automation, elasticity, and agility in your data center.