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Why a Zero Trust strategy is crucial in today’s cloud-first world.

Organizations are facing cyber threats daily, from both inside and outside the network. The time has come to instill a Zero Trust mentality in your organization. Insider threats can lead to data leaks and expose your company to risks. You need solutions to help you automate your identity management processes so the right people have the right access at the right time.  

Common Challenges

Here are the top challenges we find related to identity and access management. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Security Vulnerabilites

  • Data Leaks

  • Inefficient Role Based Access

Security Vulnerabilities

Security Vulnerabilities

The bigger your business, the more difficult it is to control who is accessing your network, and how. Multi-location organizations or employees that require unique access exasperate the issue. Disparate identify and access tools or worse, manual on-boarding and off-boarding, create risk exposure and increase security vulnerabilities.

Security Vulnerabilities
Data Leaks

Data Leaks

The most common causes of data leaks are from insiders and third-party hackers. Exposed data, like passwords or other sensitive information, can put a company's customers at risk for identity theft or fraud, or the company itself could become the victim of ransomware.

Data Leaks
Onboarding Processes

Inefficient Role Based Access

When onboarding (and off-boarding) new employees, your IT department should have a role based access protocol in place. You should be able to automatically grant new users their access permissions as soon as their role is input in the system. Without it, it difficult to grant the proper access to users which can expose privileged information.

Onboarding Processes

Identity Management Solutions and Partner Recommendations

A strong Identity Management process is required for a Zero Trust methodology. We partner with some of the best Identity Management solutions vendors in the industry to bring you options that can simplify your process management and improve your overall security posture. 


Central solutions to your Zero Trust strategy. 

AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client (VPN)

Identity Services Engine (ISE)

Firepower Threat Defense (FTD)

Secure Network Analytics (Stealthwatch)

Secure Access (DUO MFA)

Secure Workload (Tetration)

Umbrella Secure Internet Gateway (SIG)

Palo Alto Networks

Move your organization towards Zero Trust. 

Strata Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)

Prisma Access

Prisma Cloud

Cortex Extended Detection & Response (XDR)


Streamline access governance. 

Data Security Platform


Cloud-based identity and access management. 

Active Directory (On-prem)

Azure Active Directory (Cloud)

Identity Management Benefits

Incorporating the right identity management solutions and best practices into your organization can result in the following benefits.

A Zero Trust environment

Streamlined identity management through pre-configured user profiles

An extra layer of security against insider threats

Employee access visibility

Ability to easily add or revoke user privileges

Reduced attack surface

An automated threat detection and response system

Access to cloud intelligence

End user self service enablement

Stronger credentials

Rapid detection and response and data lockdown for insider threats

Cybersecurity Consulting Services Offerings

Not sure what solution you need to support your identity management strategy? Ensure your solution will best integrate with your current systems. If you need help, get started with one of our Cybersecurity Consulting Services.

Why IE for Identity Management

From in-house expertise to top tech partnerships, we’ve helped numerous organizations enhance their identity management strategies.  

Security Consulting Experts

Our in-house security experts can help you tighten identity and access processes and achieve a Zero Trust environment. They understand the requirements to achieve a secure environment whether on-premises, hybrid, or in the cloud. They stay abreast of current cyber threats and trends to ensure you’re always prepared for what’s coming next.  

Top Tech Partnerships

We work with leading technology providers to bring our customers the best identity management solutions to their organizations. In addition to the tech solutions, we can leverage our partners’ knowledge and service offerings as a force multiplier to protect and defend your enterprise. 

Zero Trust Environment Experts

Adopting a Zero Trust environment is crucial to securing your data and end users. With the rise and evolution of ransomware threats, in addition to insider threats and data leakage, you need to have total visibility into your environment. Our team knows how to fortify your defenses, and with the right security solutions, we can provide you with total visibility for your identity management processes.

Additional Cybersecurity Solutions

Network Access Control Endpoint Protection Threat Intelligence Cloud Security

The Heart of a Zero Trust Strategy.

Network Access Control

Simplify network access management to improve visibility and take control.

With new devices joining your network all the time, you need to ramp up your visibility and prepare for potential threats. The right NAC solutions can help you secure BYOD and 1:1 initiatives, automate network access across your network, and streamline device profiles and configuration for simplified deployment. This has become a crucial component for adopting a Zero Trust mentality.  

Protect Your Devices.

Endpoint Protection

Proactively secure devices on your network.

The best endpoint protection solutions for your organization will help you secure remote workers and SaaS applications, prevent ransomware and phishing attacks, and simplify WAN security management. 

Identify Your Attack Vectors.

Threat Intelligence

Identifying how cyber-attacks can infiltrate your systems is the first step towards mitigating risks.

Leverage threat intelligence solutions to gain visibility and insight into current threat trends and the traffic on your network. This will arm you with the knowledge needed to counter threats and better defend your business. 

Protect Cloud Apps and Operations.

Cloud Security

Cloud based apps and operations require a new set of security protocols for ever-evolving cyber threats.

As your organization embraces the cloud, you need the security protocols in place to mitigate new cyber threats. If you're planning or are in the process of cloud migration, ensure your SaaS applications and operations are secured by the right tech solutions.  

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