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Website_Gov and Security Overview

Why are Governance and Security Crucial?

Organizations are under constant security threats from inside and out. Your tools, processes, and people must be aligned to secure the enterprise. Our governance services are focused on ensuring your resources are being used to maximum effect to ensure not just security, but the success of IT initiatives as a whole. Our consulting engagements are custom tailored for you, designed for rapid value, and are guided by our technical competency to ensure maximum value.

Website_Gov and Security Overview

Get Started with these IE Offerings

Why IE for Your IT Governance & Security?

Enhance your security posture when you leverage the experience and business-centric IT advisory services of IE to build stronger IT Governance. 

Tackle Shadow IT

Gain understanding of departmental needs to provide your staff with the tools that optimize their daily tasks and address their most common roadblocks. By implementing the right solutions, you can reduce Shadow IT, control your security exposure, and better manage your IT budget. 

25+ Years Experience in Various Industries

We lean on years of experience in multiple organizations across various industries to better align your IT department with your overall business goals. Every industry has different needs for IT Governance, and we’re here to help you navigate them.  

Tech Experts Who Understand Business

We’ll give you an experiencedholistic perspective considering both business and IT needs. We understand how IT should work within the overall business strategy and will help better align your IT department's daily operations with your business goals 

Rapid Time to Value

At IE, our years of experience and technical know-how are our guide, allowing us to get in and get the job done quickly, so you experience Rapid Time to Value. We believe in efficient and to-the-point processes which follow ITIL and PMI Standards.  

How our other Consulting Services support IT Governance & Security

Ensure your security and business goals are aligned, compliant, and measurable with IE's full line of Consulting Services. 

Audit Readiness IT Strategy Assessments

Maintain Compliance Standards.

Audit Readiness

Assess your current environment, address areas of concern, and stay on top of your compliance obligations.

To successfully pass audits, you need well-defined security controls and governance. IE also offers cost-effective audit preparation services to develop plans custom-tailored to you. We'll address gaps in coverage that could leave you vulnerable to a breach or compliance violation. You'll gain customized recommendations that address current compliance obligations and recommendations for future improvements. 

Align Your Team, Achieve Your Goals.

IT Strategy

Make IT a strategic enabler in your business to enhance operations, and efficiently achieve your goals.

IT Strategy and Governance go hand in hand. Our IT Strategy consulting develops the overall plan for your IT department while our Governance and Security Service will document the people and processes your team will rely on to operate effectively. Together, these services help you build a strong, secure IT organization that's in lock step with your business.

Identify Vulnerabilities, Improve Your Security.


Our modular assessments help you identify risks, prepare for audits, and enhance your overall security posture.

Our Assessments will uncover your desired end state and then identify gaps in your current state. Our modular consulting approach allows us to customize the assessment to meet your goals to offer the most benefit to your business. We offer assessments for nearly every aspect of IT.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I keep my data safe?

How do I stand up a risk management program?

How can you help us improve our overall security posture?

Do you stand up IT Governance for IoT devices and future initiatives?

Are you ready to tighten IT Governance and Security?

Get started with an IT Governance assessment and build a stronger defense while accomplishing your business initiatives.