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Watch our video to learn more about IE's Simpler Approach to Lifecycle Services & Support with our Customer Experience Team

Do You Need a Simpler Approach to Managing Technology Lifecycles?

Managing hardware, software, and support can be complex.

Along with effective project planning and execution, today's technology life cycle requires a strong focus on measuring and improving adoption rates to maximize ROI. And keeping track of things like entitlements, licenses, and support contracts can be a real hassle. Let our Customer Experience team help you overcome challenges like these so you can focus on more meaningful activities.

Watch our video to learn more about IE's Simpler Approach to Lifecycle Services & Support with our Customer Experience Team

Do These Challenges Sound Familiar?

We've seen it so many times. You've planned, purchased, and implemented your newest technology, and then your IT department transitions to other projects.  This can leave your end-users without proper training, frequently resulting in poor adoption rates and unrealized business value. 


Difficulty identifying desired business outcomes and measuring the ROI of associated technology.

Wasted Resources

Lack of visibility into user adoption, often resulting in unrealized outcomes and wasted resources.

Business Disruption

Business disruption due to entitlement, licensing or access issues.

Renewal Management

Trying to manage hundreds or thousands of products and software subscriptions with varying end dates.

Simplify and Streamline Your Experience

Our Client Services team is dedicated to ensuring your initial transaction is executed quickly and accurately.  Afterwards, our Customer Experience team provides continued support throughout the technology lifecycle through a variety of no-cost and paid service offerings.

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  • Transact

  • Adopt

  • Renew



Our Transact phase includes asset review and strategy. We help simplify the complexity of determining which license, subscription, or hardware support is required.  After your renewal is purchased, we help you set up and access any licensing portals so you can view entitlements.

Transaction Services Include:

  • Sales Engagement & Discovery (No-cost Service)
  • Advisory/Roadmap Services (Paid Services)
  • On-boarding & Entitlement Review (No-cost Service)



After you have access to the software you're entitled to,  you need to get your organization using it. End-user education and training needs to take place so your business can see the value of what you purchased. Not only technically, but from an all important ROI and desired business outcomes perspective. Our Customer Experience Team helps identify potential onboarding issues, ensuring you can accelerate adoption and get the most out of your technology investment.

Adoption Services Include:

  • Professional Services (Paid Services)
  • Customer Success Plan (No-cost Services)
  • Contract & License Management (No-cost Services)
  • Admin & End-user Training (Paid Services)
  • Quarterly Reviews (No-cost Services)



Congrats! You're organization has successfully adopted the new tech and it's now an integral part of your business.  Now you have to manage dates for renewals and end of support for hardware, software and subscriptions. And you want to avoid lapses to prevent service interruption. Our Customer Experience Team proactively notifies of upcoming renewals, combines and validates data and provides renewal quotes in ample time renew. 

Renewal Services Include:

  • Consumption & Metrics Measurements (No-cost Services)
  • Adoption Services (Paid Services)
  • Contract & License Lifecycle Review (No-cost Services)
  • Quarterly Reviews (No-cost Services)

Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) vs Cisco Global Licensing Operations (GLO)

Not sure if you should contact Cisco TAC or Cisco GLO? Read our blog where we describe use cases for both scenarios, and discuss the benefits of having your own Customer Experience team.


What Services Are Available?

Customer Success Planning

Identify desired business outcomes and review progress during regular touch points to ensure success



Lifecycle Services

Implement data driven methodology to simplify install base reviews, isolate key data points during QBRs, and monitor utilization throughout the lifecycle. 



Optional Services

Utilize Advisory, Roadmap, Professional, Training and Adoption services to fill operational and staffing gaps



What's in it for You?

Through a data-driven approach, our Customer Experience team can simplify asset management throughout the entire technology lifecycle. We will help you maximize value through adoption rates, simplify contract and license management, and streamline renewals.

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Simplify the Complexity of the Technology Lifecycle

Let our Customer Experience team lower your business risk, contain costs, and improve your ROI for tech investments.