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How is Your Business Performing?

The first step to building better is assessing your current IT and Security posture to identify gaps and vulnerabilities. Using analysis of your current systems, architectural best practices, and high-level business goals, we'll identify barriers to success. You’ll receive prioritized recommendations to better align IT with your technical requirements and business goals.

How Do We Approach our Assessments?

Our assessments begin with data gathering to include hardware and software platforms, overall design, device configurations, human resources, processes, and procedures. We'll compare these to your stated goals, industry best practices, and IE knowledge base to determine where gaps exist and research the optimal strategy to mitigate them. You'll receive an executive-level presentation with prioritized recommendations along with supporting documentation and the entirely of data collected. We use a modular assessment approach that allows you to choose various deliverables so that you get exactly what you need and nothing you don't.


Security Risk Assessment

Information security is challenging. Compliance requirements, budget constraints, and lack of qualified staff make it difficult to stay abreast of current threats and keep your data safe. With a Security Risk Assessment, you'll get the knowledge you need to successfully navigate today's information security challenges.

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Ransomware Readiness Advisor

Cyberattacks can happen at any moment. When they do, the time it takes your organization to detect, respond, and recover can determine how much financial loss, business disruption, and damage to your brand occurs. With our Ransomware Readiness Advisor, you can be confident that your organization is prepared to identify and swiftly respond to attacks to minimize organizational impact.

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Why IE for Your Next Assessment?

Your business is unique so cookie cutter approaches just don't cut it. Get an IE assessment custom-tailored for your business so you can focus on execution.

Custom Assessments

Our modular approach allows us to build a custom assessment based on your concerns, technical requirements, business goals and initiatives. This allows us to quickly and thoroughly analyze your current environment and make recommendations that truly enhance your overall business performance.  

Industry Expertise

From Healthcare to Education, to State and Local Government, IE specializes in multiple industries. We understand the compliance requirements for each and can apply this knowledge to your unique situation. Our recommendations are based on a foundation of 25+ years of industry experience.  

Tech and Business Insight

We do more than just assess technical details. We start by understanding your business needs to make sure they are aligned with our technical recommendations. We'll assess how your infrastructure functions and if its current status is supporting the needs of the overall organization. 

Stay Compliant & Shrink Data Footprint

Find out if you are storing duplicative data or supporting systems you don’t need! Our IT Consults can provide insight into data and application practices that may be costing you moneyWe can help you identify what you need and what you don’t, helping you risk and infrastructure spend. 

Additional Consulting Services

Assessments are an essential piece to building a strategic, more secure, and cost-effective business.

IT Governance & Security IT Strategy Audit Readiness

Improve Security with Business & IT Alignment.

IT Governance & Security

Effective IT governance can improve your security and help you achieve your business goals.

Are you confident in your security posture and IT governance processes? Our assessments can answer both questions to determine whether your technologies and teams are working as intended. You'll also be able to spot areas where the IT department isn't aligned with the overall business objectives and we'll offer advisement on how to support the strategy of business securely.

IT as a Strategic Enabler.

IT Strategy

Set business goals and make a plan of action to achieve them.

In order to build a strategy, you must first understand your current state. IE's assessments provide visibility into your current systems, people, and processes. Once your strategy is defined and executed, our assessments provide useful touch points that ensure the day-to-day operations of the IT department remain in line with overarching goals. 

Maintain Compliance Standards.

Audit Readiness

Design and configure your IT systems to better address your compliance obligations.

Compliance audits are focused on the design and configurations of your IT systems and the people and processes that are supporting those systems. Using IE's modular assessment methodology, you can mix and match the deliverables that address your specific compliance obligations. We'll then take the data gathered during the assessments and compare them to your compliance requirements to ensure your organization is ready when the auditors arrive. We offer Readiness Assessments for the most common audits including PCI, HIPAA, CMMC with a plant to expand these solutions in the future.


What type of assessments do you offer?

How is my company performing and what do we need to do to improve our security posture?

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Are You Ready to Build Stronger?

Get proactive about achieving your business goals and mitigating vulnerabilities. An assessment can help you build better.