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IE's Collaboration Technology Solutions

Flexible Communication.

Why you need a reliable virtual collaboration ecosystem.

The cloud is here to stay and it's already affected the way organizations do business, communicate with their customers, and collaborate with their teams. It’s no longer optional for businesses to communicate with customers online, but it's essential to providing an exceptional customer experience. We can help you meet these demands with our sophisticated and reliable suite of collaboration technology solutions for unified communications, contact center, and conferencing.

IE's Collaboration Technology Solutions

Common Collaboration Challenges

If you’ve experienced any of these challenges within your current collaboration ecosystem, we can help.  

Lack of Business Agility

Disparate Collaboration Tools

Poor Customer Experience

Difficulty Connecting Team Members

Cumbersome Collaboration Tools

Inefficient Workflow and Slow Customer Response

Collaboration Technology Solutions

We specialize in a variety of solutions to help keep your teams seamlessly connected, in real-time, so your business doesn't have to sacrifice productivity to accommodate today's virtual workforce. 

How Can We Help Your Organization Stay Connected?

I need

Don't see what you're looking for? Contact our team directly, we can find a solution to your problem!

Why IE for Collaboration

We offer more than just tech. We provide expert guidance based on our years of experience.

Experienced Collaboration Team

We have deep technical expertise in collaboration technologies to help you simplify the complex and keep your team connected. We can design, implement, and support your collaboration solutions for an experience unique to your business needs. And, our experts can help you with adoption barriers and end-user training to maximize your return on investment.

Customer Experience Team

There are countless tools and licenses to keep track of in the collaboration wheelhouse. That’s why we’ve created the IE Customer Experience Team; to improve your user experience. From adoption and team utilization to full lifecycle support, our team ensures you get the most out of your collaboration investment. They’ll provide you with updates to determine if your collaboration platforms are helping you meet your business goals, and suggest data-driven recommendations to improve your ROI.  

Stress-free Cloud Collaboration Migration

We offer the tech stack and expertise to help you move seamlessly from an on-prem environment to the cloud. Our experience implementing industry leading cloud-hosted collaboration solutions can help you eliminate the hassle and expense of server and software ownership. 


Many of our customers are headquartered in the Southeast so we hire teams close to them for the best support. However, while most of our people are based in the SE, we have the expertise and breadth of the big players and routinely handle national and even global projects. With IE, you get big company capabilities in a nimble package!


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