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The Future of Contact Centers

Recent global events required the workforce to carry out business operations from home. With storefronts closed, contact centers became the primary face of the brand. Businesses were forced to maintain customer service standards virtually, streamline operations to ensure fast, effective response times, and collaborate with their team members to escalate and solve issues faster. As your business navigates reopening, consider that customers have come to expect a frictionless digital experience, even if in-person services are available. The demand for a delightful digital experiences and fast resolution customer times is crucial now more than ever.

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Traditional Contact Center Challenges

Once seen as a cost center, contact centers have become the front line for delivering exceptional customer service. This is especially true with the recent transition to remote work and increased contact volume organizations faced during COVID-19. Here are the top challenges we've seen in organizations who haven't yet taken a digital first approach to their contacts centers.

Slow response time results in lower CSAT scores or loss of customers

Difficulty collaborating with teammates to solve problems efficiently 

Lack of accurate call distribution leads to employee dissatisfaction

Disparate communication methods provide inconsistent customer experiences

Lack of integrated Contact Center technologies create information silos

Contact Center Solutions & Partner Recommendations


Deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Unified Contact Center Express  

Unified Contact Center Enterprise 

Contact Center 

Webex Contact Center  

Healthcare Intelligent Contact Center 


Enhance agent experience on Cisco CC platforms. 

Contact Center Gadgets and Reporting for Cisco Finesse

Cisco Webex Contact Center (WXCC) Connector

Scripts and Forms


Improve CC agent performance with morale-boosting AI. 

Call recording, Open API, and Sentiment Features

Bucher + Suter

Deliver exceptional customer service.

Cisco Contact Center Solutions and CRM Connectors


Drive Patient Engagement with Epic EHR and CC Integration.

CRM Connector

EHR Connector

Outbound Campaign Management


Fast paced and integrated Agent Desktop to elevate CX. 

Contact Center Integrations


Elevate every encounter for your contact center.  

Call Recording

Workforce Management


Enhance, Engage, and Enable Your At-Home Agents. 

Calabrio One

Your Customers can now Interact with You, Their Way

Built on a digital-first customer experience, Cisco's Webex Contact Center lets your customers connect through their preferred channel – chat, text, social, email, or call. AI-powered voice and chat virtual agents give customers options for natural, fast, and easy 24/7 self-service - with a seamless baton pass to a live agent when needed.

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The Benefits of a Digital First Contact Center

Omni-channel Customer Support

Deliver proactive and contextual assistance through voice, email, text, chat, and social media. When your customers have more ways to reach you to get their issues resolved quickly, your business can differentiate itself with superior customer support.

Operational Efficiency

Serve your customers faster and more efficiently with AI powered bots for common questions.  And when you need to engage a live agent, distribute tickets evenly and accurately with advanced queuing and agent skills analysis. You'll see improvements in call handling times and a corresponding rise in both customer and agent satisfaction; a win-win!

Improved Internal Collaboration

Retain customers and agents with improved internal collaboration for faster resolution times and balanced call loads. Allow your agents to quickly reach subject matter experts to help deliver first-time resolutions.

Cost Savings

Companies who implement digital-first, cloud-ready Contact Centers experience lower costs for solution maintenance and savings from IT operational support. With modern, AI powered omni-channel support, you'll find additional savings with fewer live agent calls and faster call handling times.

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Cisco Webex Contact Center

Why Choose IE for Collaboration?

With our team of dedicated and skilled Collaboration technologist, partnerships with industry leading technology vendors, and full technology lifecycle advisory services, we'll help you reimagine communications, drive digital transformation, and achieve higher customer satisfaction. 

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Curious About Other Collaboration Solutions?

There are many ways to improve collaboration with your team and customers. Have a look at our other collaboration technology solutions and find the perfect fit for your company.

Unified Communications Conferencing

More Communication Opportunities

Unified Communications

Stay connected on-prem or in the cloud without sacrificing user experience.

Create a seamless user experience with a one system approach. Your customers can communicate with your business from any media type from any location with the right UC solutions and ecosystem in place.  

Stay Productive from Anywhere


Work together without being together with virtual collaboration tools.

Keep your team connected and working efficiently from anywhere. Provide conferencing for your team so they can find customer solutions faster. Virtual conferencing is a critical component in a mobile world.  

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