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Is Your School Prepared for the New Era of Digital Learning?

The way curriculum is planned and delivered has changed profoundly. Amidst all this change, one thing is certain: the digitization of education is here to stay and with it, a heavier reliance on technology. Whether you're working to safely reopen schools or ensuring secure, quality hybrid learning environments, we're here to help.

Today's Remote & Hybrid Learning Challenges

Security Threats

Network Management Complexity

Dispersed Students & Staff

Lack of Internet Access

Financial Constraints

Education Technology that Makes the Grade

We're invested in the success of the educational community and have an experienced team focused specifically on working with K-12 school districts and higher education institutions. We'll help you simplify your technology stack so educators can focus on inspiring students, not fiddling with complicated tech.  

Campus Safety & Security Collaboration & Hybrid Learning Campus Connectivity Flexible & Scalable Learning Environments

Create safe learning Environments

Campus Safety & Security

Protect your students and faculty from both physical and virtual security threats.

Secure your hybrid and remote learning environments with solutions that protect any device, at any time, at any location. And, enhance campus safety with with our AI powered portfolio of physical security solutions that can proactively detect physical threats and health concerns and facilitate seamless communication for rapid response.

The Future of Education is Here

Hybrid Learning & Administrative Collaboration

Classrooms come in many forms nowadays. Can your students and faculty attend class from anywhere with a seamless user experience?

Learn how to safely and securely integrate distance and hybrid learning to deliver quality instruction regardless of the student's location. We'll help you build virtual learning environments that integrate with your Learning Management System (LMS) and even meet the needs of students in Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). And, by incorporating video, keep your students connected and engaged no matter their location.

For your faculty and staff, boost administrative productivity and enable them to work from anywhere with digital collaboration tools. Build a system that incorporates unified communications so they can stay connected and efficient and leverage video conference solutions for training, onboarding, and important school district updates. 


Secure, seamless access

Campus Connectivity

Deliver instruction anytime, anywhere with secure and flexible remote access for students, educators, and administrators.

Students and faculty today are accessing lesson plans, assignments, emails, and communication both on and off of campus. Classroom connectivity requires wired (for lab access), remote (via VPNs), and wireless considerations. For remote work, secure VPNs can help protect student and faculty information. The modern campus needs secure, high-speed wireless that can accommodate the growing demand for internet connectivity, and can accommodate the growing number of devices in the classroom. 

Technology that grows with you

Flexible & Scalable Learning Environments

Anticipate future classroom expansion into the cloud with an infrastructure that accommodates growth.

Implement an intelligent infrastructure that accommodates cloud, hybrid, and on-premise applications while anticipating future data storage demands. By building an environment that easy scales with you, you can accommodate expansion, maintain continuity during emergencies, power more mission critical apps, and keep your departments seamlessly connected.

K-12 Education Offerings

We're passionate about providing smart, simple, and secure solutions designed for YOUR school. Let us help you modernize your network, enhance cybersecurity, and enable hybrid learning with leading Edtech solutions from our network of trusted partners.

E-Rate & Public Sector Funding School District Safety & Security

Make Digital Learning Affordable

E-Rate & Public Sector Funding

Our team is experienced with E-rate and other public sector funding sources to help you stretch your technology budget.

We've helped countless school districts design networks that maximize their E-rate funding. When you work with us, you'll not only get our deep technical expertise but also the knowledge to help you identify which products qualify for E-rate and how to apply for funding. 

Foster safe learning environments

School District Safety & Security

Today's tech can greatly enhance safety and security for school districts.

As more children participate in virtual classrooms, your network becomes more complex. Simplify network management and security with unified dashboard management, web content filtering and secure VPN to improve visibility

On-premise school safety is more important than ever. We offer AI powered video surveillance, automated health screening, acoustic gunshot detection, bus route tracking, and emergency notification systems. And of course, a secure and reliable infrastructure to support your growing tech requirements.

Higher Education Offerings

Today's ultra connected students expect seamless access anytime, anywhere, from any device. With the additional complexity of physical and cybersecurity concerns, it's clear why higher education has its own set of unique technology challenges. 

Campus Safety & Security Campus Connectivity

Higher Education

Campus Safety & Security

Protect students and staff campus wide

Design a safer, smarter campus with IoT integrations including video surveillance, and active incident detection. And keep faculty, staff, and students informed of urgent events with our emergency notification solutions.

For digital security concerns, we offer a full suite of cybersecurity solutions to safeguard your campus, regardless of where it's located.  

Higher Education

Campus Connectivity

Build a secure, high speed network with seamless connectivity.

Can you support thousands of students working from various places throughout your campus grounds? How about a stadium full of students armed with smart-devices? Today's college students have multiple devices and expect to seamlessly blend study, social, and play from anywhere. Your infrastructure needs to support secure, seamless connectively regardless of location or activity.  

How IE Can Optimize Your Classroom Experience

Local Resources

We have an expert team of technologists, well versed in the unique challenges of education, ready to assist you. Whether you need consulting, design, implementation or managed services, we've got you covered. And because we hire in the communities we serve, our people are just a phone call away to help you succeed. 

State Contracts

To simplify purchases, we make it a point to be on the contracts in the states we support and often we're able to offer even better pricing than published! We have over 25 years of experience serving both K-12 and higher education and can easily help you navigate complex funding requirements. Check out our contracts list here, and meet your IE Team today!

Physical & Virtual Campus Solutions

We’ve spent 25+ years in education IT and are attuned to current trends. We can help you securely accommodate any form of learning, including BYOD and 1:1 initiatives and distance and hybrid learning. Our experience and breadth of solutions allow us to solve any technology challenge you might encounter across your physical and virtual campus.    

Compliance in Education

Do you have compliance concerns? With our modular consulting methodology, we can provide actionable advice on that's on-target and actionable so you can close gaps and get back to inspiring students!

Click to Read about Common Compliance Requirements for Education

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Customer Testimonials

"We have used Internetwork Engineering on a number of projects and have always had great success. They’re reliable and trustworthy. They have always been great about working with us to deliver affordable products and services. We want to provide our students with the tools they need to support their learning and to prepare them for higher education opportunities and careers. IE helped us make that a reality."


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Can you help with E-Rate?

How do we accommodate the growing number of devices accessing our network from everywhere?

Our dorm students have, on average, 5-7 connected devices. How do we build an infrastructure that can accommodate that kind of bandwidth demand?

How do we filter or block content to enforce security policy and protect users from cyber threats?

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Build a Secure and Versatile Classroom Experience

Whether physical, virtual, or hybrid, get the tech you need to better serve your students and staff. 


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