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Strategy, then Execution.

Our consulting engagements are tailored for you, designed for rapid value, and are guided by our technical competency to ensure your business realizes value. You’ll receive a plan that aligns with your business goals, identifies hurdles, and is realistic to execute. 

What is Your Objective?

My goal is to:

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IT Consulting Services

Mix and match any of our capabilities to address your specific needs using our modular methodology!

IT Strategy

Get expert advice, custom-tailored to your business goals and departmental needs with our IT Strategy engagements.

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Audit Readiness

Ensure your business meets compliance requirements and goals. We can help you proactively prepare for audits including HIPAA, PCI, SOC, CMMC, DFARS, and more.

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Do you know where you want to go, but don't know how to get there? We'll assess the current state of your processes and technologies and make recommendations to bring them in line with your stated goals and industry best practices. 

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IT Governance & Security

Establish and ensure your security controls are being used effectively to limit organizational risk from cybersecurity incidents.

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Why Consult with IE?

Leverage the experience, talent and efficiency IE has to offer. 

Vendor Agnostic, Business-Focused Advisory Consulting

Find the best possible solutions for your business without someone else’s agenda. We’ll analyze your current environment and only recommend changes when it will benefit your business.

In-House Resources, Superior Results

Our IT consulting services are delivered with in-house staff, which means you’ll receive consistent quality, faster delivery and easy access for follow-up questions. Our experts bring experience in multiple industries, across varied technologies, in organizations big and small to ensure you get the best possible advice tailored to your individual needs.

Custom Engagements Designed to Accomplish YOUR Goals

You’ll experience quick Time to Value with our succinct and “to-the-point" methodology. Instead of a confusing spreadsheet of observations, you’ll receive actionable reports that provide an efficient path to achieving your IT goals.

Transparent Data Analysis

It’s your data, and you should get to keep it! We’ll provide you with all the data gathered, describe how we got it, why it's important, and show you how to use it. We are transparent with our data analysis processes so that you can trust the results.

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Are you ready for IT Consulting that’s custom tailored for you?

Leverage IE’s IT Consulting offerings to build a better align IT with your business, establish governance and enforce security and compliance requirements throughout your organization and infrastructure.