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How Network Access Control (NAC) helps you achieve Zero Trust.

Keep unauthorized users out of a private network, whether they are inside or outside of your organization. This “trust no one, verify everyone” mentality allows you to protect your digital assets while mitigating data leaks. 

Common Network Access Challenges

Insufficient Security for the Influx of Devices on the Network

Costly Network Access Control Practices

Lack of Guest Access Management

Data Leaks from Insider Threats

Insufficient Incident Response Plan

Inconsistent Device Profiles and Configurations

Inability to Secure BYOD, WFH, Hybrid Work Environments

Segmenting and Automating Network Access Across Devices

Our Recommended Network Access Control Solutions for a Zero Trust Approach

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How Network Access Control Solutions Can Benefit Your Business.

More Network Control

Control network access and enforce security policy for any users requesting access to your network, whether remote VPN, wireless or directly connected wired devices.

Simplified Guest Access & Management

Streamline registration, authentication, and promotion while also gaining visibility into guest access with a customizable, self-service portal.

Streamlined Policy Enforcement

Automate your policy deployment procedures so your IT team can focus on more strategic objectives.

Automated Mitigation of Network Threats

Block, isolate, and repair noncompliant machines.

Consulting Services Offerings

Not sure what kind of Cybersecurity solutions you need? Get started with one of our Consulting Services Offerings.

Why IE for Securing Your Network

If it's on the network, you need to know about it. Our team of seasoned cybersecurity networking professionals can help you secure access to critical applications and operations with industry leading, cost efficient NAC solutions. Here's what's sets us a part from the rest.

Dedicated Security Consultants on Staff

We have a team of security-focused consultants that can advise as well as implement your NAC solutionsWe can provide policy advice in addition to implementation and configuration expertise. We integrate our network access control solutions with multiple solutions providing greater visibility, control, and if needed, containment.  

Industry Leading NAC Solutions

Cisco is our preferred partner recommendation within the NAC space, offering everything you need for implementing a zero-trust strategy within your organization. We leverage the best of their tech portfolio to protect your data from insider and outsider threats while securing access for all involved parties.

Zero Trust Experts

From Network access control to identity management and threat intelligence, our security team has the experience to design a Zero Trust environment for your organization. We follow the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) framework when building or updating infrastructures. Our broad portfolio of expertise paired with our access to the newest innovations in cybersecurity solutions allow us to ensure enforcement points across your entire environment.  

Cybersecurity Solutions to Help You Detect, Contain, and Control Today's Advanced Threats

Need more than NAC Solutions? We're experts in many cybersecurity solutions that help keep your data, users, and business reputation safe. See how we can help your organization reduce risk with a layered cybersecurity approach.

Endpoint Protection Cloud Security Threat Intelligence Identity Management

Educate, Protect, Prevent.

Endpoint Protection

Secure end user devices that make your business susceptible to cyber-attacks.

Leverage Point-in-Time protection, Retrospective Security, File Reputation Sandboxing, and continuous analysis to secure end user devices on your network. Prevent cyber-attacks by educating your team on how to identify phishing attacks with security awareness training.

Secure Data in the Cloud.

Cloud Security

Incorporate the security posture you need for cloud, hybrid, and multi cloud environments.

Migrating your critical applications to the cloud? Our hybrid cloud security solutions will improve your security visibility and reduce vulnerabilities so you can embrace the benefits of the cloud.

Protect Critical Applications.

Threat Intelligence

Threat Hunting with security Orchestration and Automation.

Gain SecOps efficiency with threat hunting and vulnerability management solutions that include orchestration and automation so you can quickly detect, contain and control threats. 

Know Who Is In Your Network.

Identity Management

Gain visibility into all users and network devices within your environment.

Role-based access control provides the visibility you need to ensure that the right people have the right access at the right time. The goal is to safeguard your data while providing a seamless user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

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