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Build a Secure, Integrated Healthcare Ecosystem

The world has gone digital, and the healthcare industry is no exception. Telehealth, EMR/EHRs, and cloud-friendly medical devices are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg in the era of healthcare modernization.

Do you have the ecosystem to support these increasingly necessary components in your healthcare system? With every process, procedure, or technology that goes online, you have a wider attack surface in a world where cyberthreats are more prominent than ever. Take the steps to secure your healthcare system and protect patient data with the right technology and expertise in your corner. 

Challenges & Disruptions Across the Continuum of Care

Increased Virtual Care & Telemedicine Demands

Supply Chain Limitations

Security & Compliance

Supporting A Remote Workforce

Scalability for Clinical Care Resources

Instant Access to Medical Records, Equipment, and Staff

Struggling to Deliver Personalized Patient Experiences

Technology-Enabled Healthcare

Innovative Healthcare IT is at the heart of extending access to care and creating personalized patient experiences. Learn how IE can help you build a seamless and secure consultation experience for your patients, clinicians, and administrative staff. 

Cybersecurity & Connected Care Agile & Scalable Data Center Integrated Telehealth Patient-Centered Communication Standards-based Network Infrastructure

Protect Your Patient Data

Cybersecurity & Connected Care

We will help you navigate the crucial security requirements needed to safeguard your systems and patient data from cyberthreats.

A secure, efficient, and cost-effective healthcare ecosystem is built on an integrated, multi-layer defense postureWhether it’s desktop and mobile device security, guest wireless access, port access to the server, or cloud security for SaaS applications, you need a team who knows the challenging landscape of healthcare cybersecurity. We can help you build a secure health system by strengthening your security posture, accelerating time to detection, and enhancing threat visibility to better protect your systems and patient data 

Access to Patient Data & Applications

Agile & Scalable Data Center

Give your clinicians secure, anytime access to patient data from any device.

In recent years, IoT integrations and telehealth have become normalized in healthcare systems. While these have created more efficiencies and capabilities for clinicians, they also come with a unique set of challenges; storage and latency issues and a larger attack surface. Implementing data centers with edge computing capabilities, greater processing power and simple to scale storage will help you securely accommodate new medical technology. You'll get the most out of your investments, protect your patient data, and give clinicians the power and flexibility to provide a better, more efficient patient experience. 

Better Virtual Patient Consultations.

Integrated Telehealth

Give your patients more ways to consult with their physicians using video solutions that integrate with your EMR/EHR solutions.

Integrate communications solutions into your workflow to provide a seamless and secure experience for your patients, clinicians, and staff. In healthcare, EPIC and Cerner are the go-to EMR/EHR providers for integrated health delivery systems. Our collaboration solutions integrate directly with these leading vendors. This is crucial for seamless patient care and cross-departmental communication.

One system contact center

Patient-Centered Communication

Deliver better patient care no matter how your patient is contacting you.

Multiple contact centers can create a stressful experience for your patients, especially during an emergency situation. We can help unify your contact center to ensure the patient gets to the right person, right now. We recommend Cisco Healthcare Intelligent Contact Center to centralize and virtualize your contact center, enhancing your one-system approach. This improves communication with healthcare patients, clinicians, and staff, increasing efficiency and providing an excellent patient experience.   

Secure, Reliable Network

Standards-based Network Infrastructure

Your patients, partners, clinicians, and visitors need secure network access that won’t compromise patient data.

Build a standards-based network infrastructure with Quality of Service (QOS) that delivers secure access for all your key stakeholders. This allows you to deploy multiple solutions to solve specific use cases such as guest access, wayfinding, clinician applications, patient monitoring, physical security, and unified communications. 

We Understand Healthcare

Hear from Prisma Health's Network Engineering Manager, Howie Waszmer, about what it was like to work with IE and our partner Opentext+Xmedius when we implemented their Xmedius eFax solution with custom scripting. Not only did they trust us to recommend and implement a solution that delivered results, it has become one of the most important and invaluable components of their medical records system.

Learn More About Why IE Loves Opentext+Xmedius for Secure File Exchange & Communications

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How IE Benefits Healthcare Systems

We're trusted by over 45 Healthcare Systems in the Southeast. Here are a few of the benefits our physicians' offices, clinics, and hospitals receive when working with us to build and support their secure, integrated healthcare ecosystems.

One-System Healthcare Approach

Improve the patient experience with a one-system approach using Unified Communications. Our UC solutions include Telehealth and omni-channel contact centers which can be integrated into clinical operations for a seamless and efficient experience. And we offer a full compliment of services including consulting, implementation and managed services to help you get the most from your investment.

Better Patient Experience

The consumerization of healthcare is accelerating, and the expectations of patients, partners and employees continue to outpace the capabilities of most healthcare providers. As a leader in healthcare technology integration, we’ll help you build a strategic approach to give your key stakeholders a better experience with secure, mobile, and connected solutions across the continuum of care.

Healthcare-centric Field Experts

We've worked with healthcare providers for over 25 years. We understand the industry needs, evolution of technology, growing demands of data privacy, and the value of a cohesive healthcare ecosystem. With the right expertise, you can streamline your healthcare system and ensure compliance obligations and departmental demands are met. Our relentless dedication to the healthcare community will give you peace of mind as we navigate the ever-evolving HIT landscape.

Compliance in Healthcare

Healthcare regulations have evolved rapidly in recent years and with the acceleration of Telehealth services, it shows no sign of slowing. Is your healthcare system compliant? Learn how we can help you better address compliance concerns and protect your patient data with our assessment offerings.

  • Security Risk Assessment

  • HIPAA Compliance

  • PCI Compliance

IE's Security Risk Assessment Offering

Security Risk Assessment

Our team of experts can help you identify and recommend ways to better manage your risk. Our modular consulting approach allows us to create a custom assessment to address the demands of your specific hospital or healthcare system without the cost of large consulting firms. And, we believe your data belongs to you so you'll get full transparency on data collected and how we arrived at our recommendations.

Request Security Risk Assessment

IE's Security Risk Assessment Offering

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA is, by far, the biggest compliance concern for healthcare systems. We can help you prepare for your next HIPAA audit with our HIPAA Readiness Assessment. Our team will analyze your current environment and identify compliance concerns that are creating audit risk. 

Request HIPAA Readiness Assessment

IE's PCI Compliance Offering

PCI Compliance

Anywhere you process credit cards will require you to adhere to PCI compliance requirements. Hospital gift shops and front desk patient billing are prime targets for cyberthreats. Find out if your practice is processing patient credit cards securely with a PCI Readiness Assessment. We'll help you prepare for your audit and implement the security you need to process payments. 

Request PCI Assesment

IE's PCI Compliance Offering

Customer Testimonials

"This was a huge project for us, with a lot of visibility to our management. We knew from past experience that we could count on Internetwork Engineering to help us get it right. They don’t just quote prices, they really partner with you, and their experience with data centers was invaluable. They took care of us like we take care of our patients."

Prisma Health
Greenville, SC

Upgrade your Clinical Mobility

Wi-Fi6/6e is changing the healthcare space. Get the Wireless capacity you need to support the latest medical technology on your network. Check out our resource page for more information.

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