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Data Center | OktoberTekfest | Partners | Cloud Solutions

By: A10 Networks
September 28th, 2020

Guest blog alert! We’re excited to have Takahiro Mitsuhata, Sr. Manager of Technical Marketing, from our partner at A10 Networks joining us in the blogosphere today to talk about their upcoming OktoberTekfest webinar, “Leveraging the Benefits of Multi-cloud Architecture.” He will be joined by Paul Nicholson, Sr. Director of Product Marketing for the webinar. Mitsuhata brings 15 years of experience in security and networking, with a focus on DDoS protection and application networking. Taka manages the Technical Marketing function at A10 Networks in San Jose, Calif, providing solutions for customers ranging from enterprises to service providers. 

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OktoberTekfest | Cybersecurity

By: Varonis
September 10th, 2019

The following is a guest post from our partners at Varonis highlighting their OktoberTekfest breakout session.

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Company News | OktoberTekfest | Cybersecurity

By: Internetwork Engineering
August 8th, 2018

Hold on to your digital assets, the World’s Most Famous Hacker is coming to the Queen City! We're excited to announce that legendary hacker, bestselling author, and now a top security consultant, Kevin Mitnick will keynote at this year's OktoberTekfest.

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Company News | OktoberTekfest | Cybersecurity | Mobility & WiFi

By: IE Security Team
September 29th, 2017

We received quite a few interesting looks at last year’s OctoberTekfest, when we unveiled the KegBot and Hack for Beer challenge. A couple of hours into the challenge, we developed a crowd of folks gathered around the booth. Some people came to watch and cheer on their friends, while others took notes with hopes of decreasing the amount of time it took to “Pwn Beer.” The most interesting thing that happened, at least from my perspective, was that all of the folks that came to the booth experienced all of the excitement and frustration associated with executing a hack to a networked system. Many folks took note that some of the methods used to hack the KegBot, leveraged vulnerabilities and configuration issues that could have been easily mitigated. Several conversations started that examined the ideas of: What if the firewall placement changed? or What if the admin’s workstation had been patched, or not left on or unlocked? This is the true value in the whole demonstration. The process forces us to think about the issues that allowed the hack to happen in the first place. The beauty of the demonstration is that it was conducted in a controlled environment, no real data was ever at risk, and we all learned a lot.

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Company News | OktoberTekfest

By: Marty Jefferson
September 27th, 2017

Welcome to KegBot, Part 2!  If you read my last blog, you know that we’ve set out to build the most awesome IoT device ever; an automated beer dispenser we call the KegBot!  If you didn’t get a chance to read it, you can get up to speed on the first several hurdles we tackeled here.