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Internetwork Engineering

By: Internetwork Engineering on September 4th, 2019

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Why IE Loves XMedius for Secure File Exchange & Communications

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Technology helps us communicate and collaborate across barriers that once confined us, were costly to bridge or extended the length of processes. The ease and convenience that’s brought by today’s digital technologies have also ushered in a time of unease and vulnerability. Information exchanged and stored digitally holds personal information that can be troublesome on its own if in the wrong hands or be used like a puzzle piece to achieve a hacker’s end goal. Handling this information in today’s data-rich world has its own set of challenges, and for businesses who process these important pieces of information like social security numbers, medical records, and credit card information, there are also compliance regulations adding to the complexity of it all. To help organizations operate more efficiently and securely, we’ve partnered with XMedius for secure file exchange and communications. Their solutions help reduce costs and are simple to use, secure, automated, flexible, and compliant.


Watch our 2-minute video to hear directly from Internetwork Engineering (IE)’s Vice President and CTO, Sean Rollman, on why IE loves working with XMedius, or scroll past to read the transcript.




There is very rarely a project without a hiccup, and it’s how you work through those hiccups that really defines who you are. You know, faxing used to be so onerous. People traditionally had been moving to and from the fax machine, sometimes hundreds of times a day across hundreds of fax machines. I think security is always relevant when you're sending and receiving information. XMedius is absolutely necessary to meet the demands of a modern organization. The reality is, is there's a lot of things that need to be transmitted and received. And, there is great risk at doing this over traditional data networks because it's much easier for people to intercept that. I can't think of a single instance where we've had a problem with your solution, and I have seen no reason to investigate partnerships other than XMedius.


While XMedius’s solutions won’t provide that nostalgic song of a fax transmitting to lull you to sleep, they will give you a peace of mind to help you sleep soundly at night knowing all of your customer’s sensitive information is being kept safe.


Let us know if you’d like more information about XMedius’s data or voice solutions, ideal for healthcare, education, government, and many other industry organizations who need secure, enterprise-grade communication.