Healthcare IT Solutions

Patients are better informed than ever and have growing expectations of their healthcare providers. Increasingly, success depends upon delivering an exceptional patient experience and operational efficiency.

Accelerate patient-centered care through a secure, connected patient experience

Real-time collaboration between patients, clinicians, and hospital operations eliminates communication barriers. Connected healthcare solutions put the patient at the center of your workflow to enhance satisfaction scores and impact your bottom line.

Common Healthcare IT Issues

Healthcare IT Solutions

  • Secure Patient Data

    Persistent and constantly evolving cybersecurity threats, such as ransomware, pose a substantial risk to healthcare operations. IE’s Security services and solutions help you prevent, detect and correct security vulnerabilities so you can focus on quality care.

    • Check Email & Web Filtering
    • Check Security Risk Assessment
    • Check Malware Protection
    • Check Mobile Device Security
    • Check Security Awareness Training
    • Check Compliance & Audit Readiness
  • Telehealth & Staff Communications

    Collaboration solutions are the backbone of efficient healthcare operations. Our solutions provide faster, more integrated communications to connect caregivers with patients, clinicians and operations to enhance the quality of care.

    • Check Telehealth Solutions
    • Check Enterprise Collaboration
    • Check Patient-Centric Messaging
    • Check Connected Patient
    • Check Centralized Alerts & Alarms
    • Check Voice, Video & Web Conferencing
  • Information Access

    Remote access and delivery of EHRs, PACS and other pertinent patient information with less downtime plays a critical role in effective patient care. IE’s Intelligent Infrastructure solutions securely support information access and network interoperability, business continuity and disaster recovery while reducing the cost and complexity of management.

    • Check Secure Virtual Infrastructure
    • Check Cloud Services
    • Check Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
    • Check Business Continuity
    • Check Software-Defined Data Center
    • Check Desktop Virtualization
  • Mobile Experience 

    Providing ubiquitous Wi-Fi is essential to improving your operations and enhancing the patient experience. IE’s Mobility solutions provide a secure, reliable foundation for clinical communications, asset tracking and patient engagement.

    • Check High-Density Wi-Fi
    • Check Navigation & Wayfinding
    • Check Location & Data Analytics
    • Check Secure Network Access
    • Check Network & Device Analytics
    • Check Real-Time Location Services
Greenville Hospital System​

"This was a huge project for us, with a lot of visibility to our management. We knew from past experience that we could count on Internetwork Engineering to help us get it right. They don’t just quote prices, they really partner with you, and their experience with data centers was invaluable. They took care of us like we take care of our patients."

Greenville Hospital System​

Case Study

While the advent of electronic medical records (EMR) systems has greatly improved the quality and efficiency of patient care, it has also increased healthcare providers’ reliance on computers and the Internet exponentially. That lesson was driven home to Greenville Hospital System in 2011 when it experienced a power outage in its main data center coupled with the failure of backup battery and generator systems.

Internetwork Engineering helped Greenville Hospital System migrate to full business continuity and reduced downtime well under the target of five minutes.

​Greenville Hospital System

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