Government IT Solutions

Turn information into insight and transform government services making your community safe, sustainable and more economically competitive.

Build smarter cities with securely connected and automated technology

Modern communication tools provide a platform for rapid dialogue between citizens and government to improve community services. By combining communication and sensor technology, governments can turn insight into action.

Common Government IT Issues

Government IT Solutions

  • Data Privacy & Security 

    Governments need to enhance community trust through transparency and communication. IE’s Security solutions allow governments to build trust through secure and seamless access to relevant government information.

    • Check Security Consulting
    • Check IT Security
    • Check Security Risk Assessment
    • Check Security as a Service
    • Check Security Awareness Training
    • Check Security Monitoring & Analytics
  • Inter-Agency Communication

    Whether responding to routine services or emergency situations, time is of the essence. IE’s Collaboration solutions accelerate communication between agencies for greater responsiveness, flexibility and efficiency.

    • Check Emergency Notification
    • Check IP to 2-Way Integration
    • Check Enhanced 911
    • Check Intelligent Call Recording
    • Check Cloud & Hybrid Unified Communications
    • Check Remote Office Communications
  • Infrastructure Management

    Aging IT infrastructure has many agencies focused on operations instead of innovation. IE’s automated Intelligent Infrastructure solutions provision, monitor and manage critical infrastructure so you can focus improving services.

    • Check IT Automation
    • Check Data Storage & Analytics
    • Check Backup & Recovery
    • Check Cloud & Hybrid Computing
    • Check Software-Defined Data Center
    • Check Network Segmentation
  • Smart Cities

    Rapid population growth is straining urban infrastructure making efficient management essential.  IE’s Mobility solutions help you realize the power of the Internet of Things so you can capture, analyze and respond rapidly to the real world in real time.

    • Check Smart Building Automation
    • Check Location & Data Analytics
    • Check Internet Connected Sensors
    • Check Pervasive Wi-Fi
    • Check Cloud-Based Wireless Networking
    • Check Navigation & Wayfinding