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By: Marty Jefferson on March 20th, 2020

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Collaboration Technologies for Productivity during Travel Restrictions

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Many companies are already experiencing the inconvenience of travel restrictions caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19). You’ve likely seen it on the news: event cancellations, travel bans, and more companies requiring their employees to work from home until the effects of this pandemic are under control. Maybe your company has already implemented travel restrictions. If that’s the case, or if you think it will happen soon, do you have a communication strategy in place to support your remote employees and keep the business running smoothly?


Business Continuity Planning: Implementing the Right Tools for Your Work-from-home Strategy

Cisco Webex 90-Day Free Trial and other Rapid Deployment resources for work from home strategies - Internetwork Engineering

Your need for a company-wide, work-from-home  strategy is now. Luckily, there are a few rapid deployment resources that you can take advantage of to keep your team on track while you prepare for and ultimately deal with business interruption

  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager 
  • Webex Teams
  • Video Conferencing Software (Potential Solutions: Webex or Zoom)

If you need immediate help with implementing any of the above collaboration solutions, an IT Solutions Provider like IE can assist you with setting up remote telephony access for your users so  they can use their laptop as their phone, for example, or take their IP phone home with them. 

Not using a Cisco voice platform, but interested in leveraging their software solutions? 

IE can also help you set up a cloud-based telephony platform that will allow your employees to work from home. 


Preparing for Changes to Your Remote Network Planning

As the issued state of emergency encourages more and more employees to self-quarantine and work from home, administrators should consider their users’ collaboration traffic as part of their remote network planning. For this purpose, you should consider hiring out your collaboration support or, for the time being, leverage 24/7 remote work from a Webex specialist through IE OnDemand Services.


To ensure business continuity, you need a collaboration solution that doesn’t just offer global coverage, but also functions seamlessly. That is why an OnDemand team dedicated to round-the-clock Webex support can keep your teammates and employees connected and your business running as planned. As an added benefit, IE also offers Webex Adoption Services to help with initial deployment, end-user training, and monitoring. 

Webex 90-Day Free Trial - IE Adoption Services

Leveraging the Free Webex Corporate Trial

If you are looking for a relatively fast and all-encompassing solution for integrating remote work into your business continuity plan, Webex is a well-rounded tool and IE is offering a free corporate trial for up to 90 days. 

Here is the current IE Free 90-Day Webex offering guide. 

Internetwork Engineering's Webex Free 90-Day Corporate Trial

Interested in trying out Webex for your team? Contact your IE sales representative to start your free 90-Day Webex trial today. This trial works for up to 500 users and offers global reach, so your employee’s can dial in wherever they are. Not to mention, our plan supports up to 200 among other notable benefits (see chart for full offering details). 


Build Your Work-from-Home Strategy with Webex Experts

IE offers Adoption Services and OnDemand support to help you enhance your cross-company communication systems when you need to most. With the COVID19 epidemic threatening business continuity, now more than ever, you need a reliable remote communication strategy. IE can help you implement the systems you need to combat business interruption.


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