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By: Internetwork Engineering on February 8th, 2024

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3 Reasons to Consider Wasabi as a Part of Your Data Protection Plan

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We’ve covered a lot of ground when it comes to our disaster recovery offerings, specifically those that provide immutability to your data backups. Recently we talked about Veeam’s AirGapping process, snapshots from Cohesity, and Amazon S3’s ability to work with prominent vendors. Now it’s time to discuss Wasabi, what they offer and how they’re different. 

In this blog, we’ll pull data from the 2023 Wasabi Cloud Storage Index, the results of an annual survey to better understand enterprise cloud storage market trends and developments. The 2023 survey was conducted over 1,000 IT decision-makers worldwide by independent research firm, Vanson Bourne.* 

Below are 3 Reasons why you should consider Wasabi as a secure and immutable part of your data protection plan. 

Let’s review! 

Affordability & Price Predictability 

Perhaps one of the key standouts of the Wasabi data storage offering is that you don’t have to pay egress charges and API request fees when backing up or archiving data in Wasabi. Normally, cloud storage companies charge you each time you access your data. These charges can add up quickly and are especially concerning when you are testing your backups or recovering your data after a failure or cybersecurity incident. In addition to their policy of not charging extra for these common transaction fees,  

Wasabi’s low flat rate for storage capacity means your cloud storage costs are not only low but predictable each month. We can’t give away the secret sauce, but their innovative technology essentially allows you to get more out of your storage discs, which is how they’re able to keep their costs low. 

According to the Cloud Storage Index, in 2022 52% of organizations exceeded their budgeted spend on cloud storage. Wasabi dug deeper into this number and learned that of those organizations, a whopping “90% of the respondents cited one or more transaction fees as the reason for excess spending. [2]”  

You shouldn’t have to pay to access your own data. It might be time to consider bolstering your backups with Wasabi.  

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Multi-User Authentication & Immutability 

Wasabi embraces immutability with their S3 Object Lock Feature. Immutability can be enabled at the bucket or object level and makes it impossible for anyone to delete or alter your data. Not even a disgruntled systems administrator could take down data in Object Lock. 

Another unique cyber-resilience feature is Wasabi’s Multi-User Authentication. Even with immutability enabled, bad actors could potentially delete your entire cloud storage account if they gain access to your account credentials. With Wasabi Multi-User Authentication, you can designate up to 3 security admins and require them to sign off on any account or bucket deletion requests. This makes it harder for threat actors to ransom your data backups and only Wasabi offers this capability. 

Between Multi-user Authentication preventing account deletion and Object Lock preventing data loss or alterations, you have all the security you need to protect your backups. 

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If you’re worried about maintaining your technology ecosystem without having to make substantial shifts or changes to different technology solutions, Wasabi can supplement. Wasabi is compatible with some of the biggest names in data backup and storage. Here are a few of their key partnerships.  

  • Veeam  
    • Full Data Protection Platform Portfolio.With Wasabi’s S3 Object Lock, users can benefit from additional data protection, enhancing customers’ data security [5].”  
    • “Wasabi hot cloud storage is verified as “Veeam Ready Object”, and “Veeam Ready Object with Immutability” which confirms both compatibility and performance levels according to Veeam’s highest qualification standards [5].” 
  • Cohesity  
    • Wasabi pairs well with Cohesity’s DataProtect to ensure fast RTO’s.  
  • Pure Storage  
    • Pure Storage FlashBlade is Compatible with Wasabi.[6]. 

We’ve only named a few, but Wasabi integrates, interoperates, and partners well with various other data protection vendors to ensure they can work within your ecosystem. When looking for additional redundancy, Wasabi recognizes that it’s better to add a layer rather than rebuild an entire ecosystem to accommodate a new technology.  

Consider Wasabi as your Immutable Data Storage Provider 

Whether using Wasabi as a redundant layer of data protection, or as your main immutable data storage, Wasabi is a secure and cost-effective solution for any organization. Subscribe to our blog to get notified when we release a Wasabi Use Case from our friends over at Walters State Community College. Until then, you can sign up to try Wasabi free. Just follow the link below.  

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* The 2024 Wasabi Cloud Storage Index Will be available by the end of February. We will update our statistics then!