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By: Internetwork Engineering on December 2nd, 2016

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Utilizing Wi-Fi Data and Analytics to Improve Customer Insights

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In today’s busy marketplace, it’s no surprise that businesses everywhere are looking to gain a competitive advantage. As the competition continues to increase, many businesses have found a way to do just that by gathering information on consumer consumption and utilization patterns.

Not only does this information give companies a better idea of who their customers are, it lets them know how, when, and even where to sell to them, leading to increased sales and an improved bottom line. But how exactly do you get this type of data?


Accessing and Analyzing Customer Data

There are differing methods for gathering customer data, but most involve some form of tracking customers’ online activity. Trust us though, it’s not near as creepy as it sounds!

How do you get access to your customers’ online activity? Offering guest Wi-Fi access is one of the surest and easiest methods. Wi-Fi location analytics systems allow customers to connect to Wi-Fi on site, opening a direct communication channel that gives insight to a customer’s web browsing habits.  You’ll be able to determine if they are shopping your competition while in your establishment; a practice known as showrooming. You’ll also see if they are researching information on your website or general topics about your business or service to indicate they may need more education at that point in their customer journey.

You’ll also be able to see the number of devices connected and by utilizing timestamps and AP locations, you can even see whether the owners of those devices are just passing by or in your facility. With location services, you can even determine their exact location in your facility and how much time they are spending there!   


What are the Benefits of Wi-Fi Analytics?

Now that we’ve talked about how you can gather data on customer consumption and utilization patterns, let’s look at what you can actually do with that information to improve your bottom line.

The biggest benefit of utilizing Wi-Fi analytics is an increase in sales and customer service. How? Well by using a login portal that requires an email address for Wi-Fi access, you’ll be able to target your customers with offers specifically tailored to them and personalized notifications at the most convenient times and locations. You’ll also be able to offer those same customers sales and special discounts on products and services you know they’re interested in.

By effectively engaging your customers, you provide them with a personalized experience to help them make a decision that aligns with their needs, leading to improved customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and ultimately, more sales.

Wi-Fi analytics can also boost operational efficiency for delivering sales and service by allowing you to understand how customers behave while at your facility. By using multiple APs, you can track devices connected to the network as they move around, showing you to know how much time they spent in each area and when they were there. This data can help you enhance space allocation, manage inventory and staffing levels, evaluate floor plan adjustments, and even select the best hours of operation throughout the year. All of which are great ways to improve the bottom line!

For more information on how you can improve the loyalty of existing customers, lower the cost of gaining new customers, and enhance your relationship with current customers using Wi-Fi analytics, reach out to our wireless team!