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Internetwork Engineering Expands Cisco Powered Managed Services

Managed IT Services

Internetwork Engineering (IE) is proud to announce the expansion of our Cisco Powered Services as part of our ongoing commitment to delivering top-tier managed services for one of the industry’s leading technology companies. As a long-standing Cisco Gold Partner, we continue to invest in enhancing our managed offerings with automated, proactive services that improve our customers’ productivity.  

Our Commitment to Excellence 

Our 25+ year relationship with Cisco is representative  of our dedication to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. As we continue to expand our managed services practice, we will  deliver, operate and support a widening range of Cisco solutions.  To ensure excellence, the Cisco Powered designation provides third-party validation of IE’s managed services team, tools, and processes annually to affirm our capabilities and high customer satisfaction.  The addition of these Cisco Powered Services underscores our commitment to investing in the best technology and expertise available.

Our Comprehensive Suite of Cisco Powered Services

Cloud Managed Security

IE’s Managed Cloud offers comprehensive support for cloud-managed physical and virtual firewalls, secure endpoint protection, DNS, malware and breach protection, security analytics, secure Internet gateways, content filters, and email security. By handling network and device security management, Managed Security alleviates your IT staff burden and converts large capital expenses into manageable recurring operational costs. Centrally managed by the IE NOC by experienced engineers, this service replaces the need for adding security personnel, providing 24/7 support backed by the entire IE engineering team.

Managed Business Communications

Effective communication is crucial for your business, and Cisco's Collaboration solutions offer comprehensive options for seamless interactions between employees, customers, and partners. However, managing these complex systems can be challenging. This is where IE’s Managed Collaboration steps in. IE handles the daily administration and ongoing maintenance of Cisco Unified Communications solutions, including moves, adds, changes, system customization, routine patches, upgrades, and outage resolution. As the market leader in designing and deploying Cisco Collaboration solutions, we ensure your communication systems run smoothly and efficiently.

Managed Security

Our comprehensive managed security services provide end-to-end protection for your on-premises IT environment. From endpoint security to network monitoring, we cover all aspects of cybersecurity to keep your business and data safe. IE’s Managed Security service offers comprehensive support for functions such as Network Address Translation (NAT), De-Militarized Zone (DMZ), stateful firewall inspection, authentication proxy, transparent firewall, stateful inspection of encrypted traffic, malware and breach protection, security analytics, network access control, predictive intelligence, and site-to-site and remote access VPN. By taking on the management of network and device security, IE’s Managed Security alleviates the IT staff's burden, acting as the security arm for IT. Additionally, it transforms large capital expenses for security devices into manageable recurring operational expenses. 

Meraki Access

IE with Meraki offers a highly effective out-of-band cloud-managed service using on-premises Cisco Meraki appliances and devices deployed across your campus or remote branches. Devices automatically connect to the Meraki cloud via SSL, register to the network, and download configurations. A centralized dashboard offers visibility, diagnostics, and network management. IE's NOC provides 24/7 monitoring and real-time response, along with a portal for real-time reports, service requests, and knowledge management. 

Meraki SD-WAN

IE with Meraki provides our customers modern, hybrid WAN solutions leveraging physical and virtual Meraki MX appliances. Our customers gain the benefit of highly available WAN architectures connecting their various sites using multiple wired and/or wireless WAN technologies for maximum redundancy. Combined with IE’s managed services, our customers have peace of mind knowing their locations are connected and secure at all times. 

Cloud Calling

Our managed services for cloud calling enhance your organization's communication capabilities through thorough analysis, comprehensive deployment, and phased migration from your existing PBX to Cisco Webex. We ensure seamless transitions by configuring and maintaining dial plans, providing end-user training for maximum adoption, and continuously monitoring and troubleshooting to maintain optimal performance. Our quarterly business reviews evaluate the system's efficacy, ensuring it meets your evolving business needs. 

Webex Contact Center

Elevate your customer service with our Collaboration Managed Services. We ensure your contact center operates efficiently and includes the installation, management, and ongoing support of all contact center components. In addition, we’ll train your contact center staff to ensure they’re able to quickly and effectively make use of the tools provided to them so that they’re able to effectively support your customers. 

What This Means for You 

As a Cisco Gold Provider, we are equipped with the latest technologies, resources, and support from Cisco. This enables us to deliver innovative solutions with unparalleled service quality tailored to your business needs. Our team of certified experts is dedicated to helping you maximize the benefits of these Cisco Powered Services, ensuring your business stays competitive and secure. 

IE’s managed services team has deep expertise in Cisco as well as other leading technologies to best support your business. Our unique approach to managed services is designed to improve your IT environment and reduce business interruptions, making your people more productive and your business more profitable.  

 Together, we can drive your business forward with the power of Cisco technology and IE’s expert Managed Services team. 

 To learn more about IE’s managed services, visit our website or contact us directly. You can also access our Learning Center for additional managed services resources.