By: Todd Royals on July 20th, 2021

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Does the Perfect IT Partner Exist for Your Business?

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So, you’ve got a major IT project coming up, or your IT operations aren’t growing with your business and you need an additional hand. If onboarding a new team isn’t an option, then chances are you’re looking to outsource some of the daily operations. A quick Google will tell you that there are countless partners to choose from, but identifying the correct market models in addition to actual companies can feel like an insurmountable hurdle. Where do you get started? 


Find the Perfect IT Partner for Your Business 

We know you have options when deciding what type of technology company to partner with. Our goal at IE is to make it as easy as possible for you to decide what type of company is the right fit for you. Below are some of the go-to-market models we see from companies in the technology industry.  

Caveat Emptor: this list is not exhaustive, and it is not focused on application companies, regardless of whether they are cloud or on-premises focused. The sole purpose of this list is to help you choose the right technology company for your needs. 


Vertical Focus  

These companies are typically focused on a single vertical industry with the goal of providing as much domain expertise as possible. Most of their technology solutions can be mapped to use cases within that vertical and they may have niche solutions that are only relevant to their target audience.  


Product Focus 

Product focused companies, sometimes known as Value Added Resellers or VARs, are sales oriented and usually lead with low prices. Most of their employees tend to be in sales, sales operations or management. Some of the larger product focused companies may have robust websites for on-line transactions which keeps employee overhead low so they can maintain profits. A Product focused technology reseller can be a good fit for businesses that know exactly what they want to buy and rarely need or want advice or technical support either before or after the sale. 


Service Focus  

Many technology companies are founded with a service focus, just like IE was back in 1996. Often just a few technical people decide they want to start their own business offering computer services and they usually focus on small-to-medium sized businesses (SMB). These firms also specialize in a specific set of technologies. For example, some offer desktop services while others may offer network or security services. Their service model may be project, retainer, time and expense, staff augmentation or managed services (regular billing intervals). Service focused companies can be a good source of technical talent if you can’t hire the expertise you need to be successful, whether from scarcity or budget constraints. 


Product and Service Focus 

Often known as “Solution Providers,” these businesses aim to solve customer problems with a combination of products and services. They tend to have established discovery processes for gathering relevant information about the customer’s technical needs and desired business outcomes and their account teams are comprised of both business and technical skills. The account team is not responsible for delivering the solution, but it is accountable for the outcome. Large Solution Providers may have a broad portfolio of products and services, typically organized into practices. Some have practice leaders who are subject matter experts in technology domains and have deep insight into all aspects of the technology and how to design, deploy and support it successfully. If you need technology advice and services that you don’t have in-house AND you want your partner to be responsible for the successful outcome of a project or initiative, a Solution Provider is the right model. 


Why Choose IE as your IT Partner? 

At IE, our core values govern our interactions with customers. We understand that the right technology solutions and IT services vary by company, industry, and overall business goals. We partner with some of the most trusted technology manufactures in the industry to bring you both reliable and cutting-edge technology solutions. Additionally, we know the importance of transparency with pricing for these services and solutions so you can make an educated, cost-effective decision for your company. Most IT companies avoid price discussions until you’ve invested so much time with them that you have little choice but to proceed regardless of the cost. We think there’s a better way. Start a conversation with a member of our team to get an overview of your options today