Derrick Whisel

By: Derrick Whisel on December 6th, 2018

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Cybersecurity is a Responsibility We All Share


As the cyberthreat landscape continues to rapidly evolve and get more complex, it’s become imperative for organizations to build a network architecture that includes automated cybersecurity monitoring systems, workforce education, training, and awareness. This will help to dynamically detect and prevent threats that may or may not have been knowingly introduced internally and provide increased visibility and protection to all outsider threats.


Automation, increased visibility, and rapid response are keys to the enormous challenge of protecting our customer’s data, assets, and reputations. At IE, our Security Reference Architecture maps our Security Solutions directly to top industry standard frameworks and our processes follow a model that takes us through three phases: Consult, Implement, and Operate.


While we hear of ransomware, insider threats, malicious outsiders, data exfiltration, and new skill sets of threat hunting, businesses are trying to reduce incidents, costs, protect their reputation and ultimately keep their business running. 


Check out this blog post from our partners at APCON for ways you can help keep your company’s network protected:

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IE and APCON share in the goal of keeping your business and reputation safe. At IE, we assist our customers in maintaining business continuity through our people, our time-tested processes, and our top industry-leading security solutions. Let us know if there’s any way we can help your organization after you read the article.


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About Derrick Whisel

Derrick Whisel has worked in IT for over 20 years, with extensive experience in project engineering, management, scoping, budgeting and design. He began his career in the military, and after being honorably discharged as an IT2 Second Class Petty Officer, moved into the private sector where he now works as a Senior Technical Advisor for Security Solutions here at Internetwork Engineering.