WiFi as a Service

Our WiFi as a Service (WiFiaaS) provides guaranteed, secure wireless coverage allowing you to deliver a superior end-user experience.

Meet rising wireless expectations with robust, worry-free WiFiaaS

WiFi’s no longer a luxury for businesses. It’s now expected by employees, guests, and the public, but scaling your network and staff is costly. Satisfy skyrocketing demand and user expectations, demonstrate business value, and satisfy security and compliance requirements with wireless as a service. WiFiaaS is a simple and secure way for your company to deliver a top-notch wireless experience without the cost and hassle of typical WiFi projects.  

Common WiFi Issues

WiFiaaS Benefits

  • Unreliable WiFi

    Most wireless networks experience dead zones which lead to dropped connections and poor end-user experiences.  All of which gives IT a bad reputation. IE’s WiFiaaS guarantees high-density coverage and backs it up with the wireless expertise to quickly resolve any potential problem.

    • Includes Survey & Design
    • Easily Add Coverage
    • Supports High Device Density
    • Streamlined WiFi On-boarding
    • Zero Down-time Software Upgrades
  • Expertise & Staffing

    Free your staff from wireless troubleshooting and support so they can focus on more strategic priorities. With WiFiaaS, IE will monitor and maintain your WiFi network within agreed upon SLAs, including software updates and even hardware refreshes.

    • Experienced WiFi NoC Team
    • Proactive Remote Administration
    • Continual Configuration Management
    • SLAs for Technical Support
  • Visibility & Monitoring

    Through executive and technical dashboards, IE’s WiFiaaS provides the visibility you need to stay informed and in control. And, our co-managed approach means you have complete control of your network should you want to make changes.

    • Executive & IT Dashboards
    • Assurance Reporting
    • 24x7 NoC Access & Support
    • Endpoint Monitoring & Troubleshooting
  • Cost

    IE’s WiFiaaS includes site surveys, design, hardware, software, and support in an affordable and simple model. This comprehensive service accelerates adoption and eliminates the risk associated with typical IT projects. 

    • Flexible Billing Options
    • Hassle-free Hardware
    • Unlimited P1 & P2 Support
Guillermo Lopez, Chief Technology Officer, LulaRoe

“The project was aggressive and IE's team was very supportive with our deliverables.”

Guillermo Lopez, Chief Technology Officer, LulaRoe