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All the tools you need to prevent, detect and correct internal and external security threats

Providing a holistic, threat-focused approach to security

Technology provides new business opportunities to be more efficient and innovative by connecting with partners and clients, but it also increases your vulnerability as new and advanced threats emerge every day. You need a complete data security strategy to protect your employees, and customers. IE offers a comprehensive range of services and technology to keep your data, business, and reputation safe.

Common Issues

Security Solutions

  • Compliance Readiness

    The consequences of failing an audit may include fines, business disruption, and damage to your reputation. IE can help you avoid these costly issues through our audit readiness services that protect you from governance to enforcement.

    • Check Risk Assessment & Modeling
    • Check Vulnerability Management
    • Check Security Monitoring & Log Correlation
    • Check Security Policy Alignment
    • Check Security Awareness Training
    • Check Penetration Testing
  • IT & Security Policy Changes

    Vague, outdated and unenforceable policies increase the risk posed to information assets. IE can help ensure your security policies are consistent with today's best practices for managing the constant changes required for effective policy enforcement.

    • Check Security Awareness Training
    • Check Security Risk Assessment
    • Check Policy Development & Implementation
    • Check Incident Response
    • Check Strategic Security Planning & Design
    • Check Security Policy Realignment & Lifecycle
  • Data Privacy & Protection

    The rapidly evolving threat landscape requires constant vigilance and investment to protect the assets of your organization  IE's Security solutions can help you manage, monitor, and maintain an effective security posture.

    • Check Security as a Service
    • Check Security Risk Assessment
    • Check Security Monitoring & Analytics
    • Check Network & Endpoint Security
    • Check Strategic Security Solutions
    • Check Security Awareness Training
  • Shadow IT

    The consumerization of technology makes it difficult for businesses to maintain proper security controls. IE's Security solutions help organizations identify, manage and mitigate the added risks of shadow IT.

    • Check Cloud Delivered Security
    • Check Enterprise & Network Security
    • Check Security Awareness Training
    • Check Security Monitoring & Log Correlation
    • Check Shadow IT Risk Assessment
    • Check End Point & IoT Threat Detection & Prevention
Our Partners

Case Study

Walters State Community College

Higher education is in the top five industries that are most likely to be attacked by cyber criminals. When Walters State Community College began to see an increase in malware, viruses and phishing threats due to aging hardware from multiple vendors, they knew it was time for a change.

IE worked closely with the college to design and implement a Cisco-powered security solution that will provide an automated security foundation that can adapt to cyber threats for years to come. The solution helped the college improve their security posture with a simplified security architecture, enabling them to manage top-priority threats and secure a growing BYOD campus. 

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Case Study

​Greenville Hospital System

While the advent of electronic medical records (EMR) systems has greatly improved the quality and efficiency of patient care, it has also increased healthcare providers’ reliance on computers and the Internet exponentially. That lesson was driven home to Greenville Hospital System in 2011 when it experienced a power outage in its main data center coupled with the failure of backup battery and generator systems.

Internetwork Engineering helped Greenville Hospital System migrate to full business continuity and reduced downtime well under the target of five minutes.

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