Vulnerability Management
as a Service

The modern network creates complex security challenges, making improving visibility essential to reduce your risk. Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS) simplifies and accelerates your risk management program.

VMaaS: Simply secure

Your network is growing. The number of attached devices and the volume of data is increasing exponentially with new vulnerabilities found every day. Free your team to be more strategic by offloading vulnerability management to our experienced professionals through a managed vulnerability service. VMaaS uses leading technology to deliver an effective vulnerability management program that increases threat visibility, improves regulatory compliance, and reduces risk.

Common Vulnerability Management Issues

VMaaS Benefits

  • Shortage of Skills

    Effective vulnerability management can be challenging even for well-funded IT organizations. Improve your security posture by consistently scanning, reporting, patching, and measuring vulnerabilities with VMaaS.

    • Scheduled Scanning
    • Vulnerability Patching
    • Consistent Reporting
    • Configuration Audit
    • Scanning Failure Resolution
    • Asset Management
  • Compliance & Executive Reporting

    Executives rarely have the security visibility needed for strategic decision-making to ensure compliance. VMaaS provides executive-level reporting that identifies, documents, and prioritizes IT security vulnerabilities.

    • Compliance Readiness
    • Cyber Risk Reduction
    • Actionable Vulnerability Reports
    • Metrics & KPI Tracking
  • Capital Constraints

    Optimize financial resources by eliminating capital requirements and reducing the risk associated with traditional procurement processes. IE’s VMaaS OpEx pricing model allows you to quickly adopt and scale your vulnerability management program.

    • Flexible Billing Options
    • OpEx Model
    • Single Invoice Simplicity
  • Complexity

    The growing number of applications and devices, whether on-premise or cloud connected, are making security more complex. Our cloud-based VMaaS simplifies vulnerability scanning and management providing you with greater visibility while safeguarding valuable data.

    • Vulnerability Identification & Remediation Guidance
    • Complete Vulnerability Management Program
    • Contextual & Actionable Intelligence