Data Center
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Elastic, intelligent infrastructure designed to securely scale with your business

Intelligent Infrastructure that's agile, flexible, and secure​

Today’s Intelligent Infrastructure offers the elasticity and flexibility needed to meet rapidly shifting business priorities. It also provides security and portability for critical applications that was previously unavailable. Regardless of your strategy for data center, cloud, big data, IoT, AI, or other advanced technologies, IE can help you design an intelligent infrastructure that improves your competitive advantage.

Common Data Center and Cloud Issues

Intelligent Infrastructure Solutions

  • Automation & Orchestration

    Focus on your business, not putting out fires. IE's Intelligent Infrastructure solutions reduce workload and human errors through the automation and orchestration of workflows and policy controls.

    • Check Workflow Automation
    • Check Customer Self-Service
    • Check Automated Provisioning
    • Check Cost & Chargeback Management
    • Check Software-Defined Networks
  • Application Delivery

    People are your most valuable asset. Getting and keeping them productive is your top priority. IE's Intelligent Infrastructure solutions expedite the onboarding and delivery of applications with resiliency and security.

    • Check Application Portability
    • Check Load Balancing
    • Check Application & Desktop Streaming
    • Check Application Firewalls
  • Business Continuity

    Your clients expect your business to be accessible 24x7 regardless of technology issues or upgrades. IE’s portfolio of Intelligent Infrastructure solutions can ensure your customers get what they want, exactly when they want it.

    • Check Backup & Recovery
    • Check Site Replication
    • Check Business Continuity Planning
    • Check Hot Failover
    • Check Human Resource Planning
  • Software-Defined

    IT expertise is becoming scarce while security gaps due to human error are unacceptable. IE's Intelligent Infrastructure solutions include the latest software-defined technologies to increase both efficiency and security. 

    • Check SD Data Center
    • Check SD WAN
    • Check SD Access
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