Proven Process.
Effective Execution.

We continually refine our process based on over 20 years of real-world technology experience to ensure implementation success on every project.

Simplify the deployment of complex solutions​

At IE we know adopting new technology can be risky. That's why we plan, pre-build and test every solution before implementation. And our certified project managers are there with you every step of the way to deliver confidence in your solution.

Technical Services

IE Service Benefits

  • Planning

    Conduct detailed discovery of current and desired environment to create a pre-build design and develop a deployment strategy.

    • Check Avoid Unforeseen Project Delays
    • Check Reduce Deployment Issues & Risks
    • Check Effective Communication for Minimal Disruption
  • Installation

    Stage and configure equipment, install and test, and pilot and adjust before deploying your solution.

    • Check Performed by Highly Certified Engineers
    • Check Guarantees Proper Functionality
    • Check Fulfills Client Requirements & Specifications
  • Transition

    Review solution and provide knowledge transfer, staff training, and solution support and management.

    • Check Smooth Operational Transition
    • Check Reduced Operational Risk
    • Check Faster Mean Time to Repair