IT Consulting Services

Rapidly evolving business initiatives and processes make it difficult to maintain IT alignment. Harness the power of technology so your business can thrive. 

Better business outcomes

Because speed, not size, is essential for business success, IE's consulting services are designed for quick execution. Our certified consultants use group or individual interviews to map business goals, relationships and processes. Then they'll compare those areas to your IT strategy and portfolio to identify gaps and make expert recommendations for IT optimization. Through clear process traceability and accountability, IE can help you transform IT from a cost center into a competitive weapon.

IT Consulting Services

Consulting Benefits

  • IT Strategy

    Define and realign your IT strategy with desired business outcomes to maximize profitability.

    • Check Prevent Disruptive Impact
    • Check Better Solution Alignment
    • Check Strengthen Business & IT Relationships​
    • Check Increase Revenue & Lower Risk
  • IT Roadmap

    Create actionable plans based on your unique business and solution requirements for measureable IT success. 

    • Check Establish Proactive IT
    • Check Clear IT Investment Plan
    • Check Business Justification for Technology Products & Services
    • Check Gaps Addressed via Expert Analysis
  • IT Enterprise Architecture

    Identify and map the association between departments, services and technology to improve efficiency.

    • Check Overcome Business Need & IT Delivery Gaps
    • Check Modeling Tool for Future Use
    • Check Identify & Recognize Lateral Improvement Opportunities
    • Check Recognize Shared Business & IT Goals
  • IT Governance & Security 

    Receive expert advice to develop, implement and enforce your security policies.

    • Check Gain Shadow IT Control
    • Check Ensure Audit Readiness
    • Check Implementation & Enforce IT Policies
    • Check Security Awareness Training
    • Check Address Social & Technological Vulnerabilities
  • IT Service Management

    Develop a plan to measure and manage how effectively your information systems deliver value to your customers.

    • Check Consistent End User Experiences
    • Check Quantifiable Allocation of IT Costs
    • Check Measureable IT Performance Against Business Metrics
    • Check Established Standards of IT Architectures & Practices