Retail IT Solutions

Transform the customer experience through personalized service and enhanced engagement opportunities.

​Provide data-driven insights to personalize the customer journey

Customers expect a consistent and personalized shopping experience. But too often they're met with impersonal interactions and frustrating customer service. IE’s retail solutions allow you to reshape your customer’s experience to drive competitive advantage.

Retail IT Issues

Retail IT Solutions

  • Protect Your Reputation

    A data breach can erode customer trust and damage your brand. IE’s Security solutions offer regulatory and IT security compliance from the point-of-sale to the back-office.

    • Check Security Awareness Training
    • Check Malware Protection
    • Check Mobile Device Management
    • Check Email & Web Filtering
    • Check Compliance & Audit Readiness
    • Check Security Risk Assessment
  • Superior Customer Experience

    Today’s customer expects a seamless shopping experience regardless of channel. IE’s Collaboration solutions enable omnichannel communications so you can focus on streamlining the customer journey. 

    • Check Voice Over Wi-Fi
    • Check Virtual Video Expert
    • Check IP Communications
    • Check Multichannel Call Center
    • Check Cloud & Hybrid Collaboration
    • Check Intelligent Call Routing
  • The Digital Store

    Today’s digital stores use advanced technology to capture customer preferences and engage them for a more personalized experience. IE’s Intelligent Infrastructure solutions store, protect and analyze data so you can gain valuable insights into customer behavior.

    • Check Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
    • Check Cloud Computing
    • Check Converged & Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
    • Check Business Continuity
    • Check Software-Defined Data Center
    • Check Data Storage & Analytics
  • Store of the Future

    Retailers are rapidly adopting the use video, wireless sensors and contextual awareness tools to provide a more seamless shopper experience. IE’s Mobility solutions ensure proper density, reliability and security for engaging customers and analyzing data for a more intelligent shopping experience.

    • Check Secure Guest Wi-Fi
    • Check Mobile Analytics
    • Check Navigation & Wayfinding
    • Check Secure Cloud Networking
    • Check Internet Connected Sensors
    • Check Real-Time Location Services