Manufacturing IT Solutions

Digitizing the value chain increases speed and agility so you can deliver your products on time, every time.

​The next generation of shop floor automation

Intelligently incorporating industrial assets into your digital workflow allows your business to gain valuable insights and unlock new sources of value. Use machine data and analytics to boost equipment utilization and product quality while reducing energy consumption on a secure Intelligent Infrastructure.

Manufacturing IT Issues

Manufacturing IT Solutions

  • Supply Chain Security

    A connected factory means greater efficiency and insight, but it also exposes you to security threats, including loss of proprietary information. Protect your intellectual property, data and manufacturing assets with IE’s Security solutions.

    • Check Security Awareness Training
    • Check Security Risk Assessment
    • Check Compliance & Audit Readiness
    • Check Malware Protection
    • Check Physical & Network Access Control
    • Check Email & Web Filtering
  • IoT Architecture & Platforms

    IE’s Intelligent Infrastructure solutions allow factories to harness the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) by connecting and storing data from assets that were previously unattainable for better efficiencies in areas like energy management, machine maintenance, and quality control.

    • Check Secure Virtual Infrastructure
    • Check Cloud Services
    • Check Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
    • Check Desktop Virtualization
    • Check Software-Defined Data Center
    • Check Business Continuity
  • Smart Shop Floors

    Robotics and automation allow the modern manufacturing facility to complete in a global economy. IE’s Mobility solutions allow for the gathering of data and location information from connected sensors and devices to maximize use and allocation of resources and support.

    • Check Internet Connected Sensors
    • Check Real-Time Location
    • Check Machine Monitoring & Alerting
    • Check Industrial IP Switches
    • Check Physical & Network Access Control
    • Check Industrial Wi-Fi & BLE
  • Accelerate Your Supply Chain

    Whether the issue is design, manufacturing, assembly or delivery, you need faster resolution. IE’s Collaboration solutions eliminate geographic boundaries, connecting key parts of the supply chain anywhere in the world to improve customer satisfaction.

    • Check Web Collaboration
    • Check Web-Based Training
    • Check Multi-Channel Call Center
    • Check Intelligent Call Routing
    • Check High-Definition Video Conferencing
    • Check Global IP Voice, Chat & Presence
Randy Robbins, Director of IT, Bob Barker Company​

"They are our backbone for support.  We have one guy that does all of our server and infrastructure work and he leans on IE for everything.  Every question we have, we have an answer really quickly, even on Saturdays and Sundays somebody is always there to answer our questions. As we have completely changed our infrastructure, just not from networking but from server installations, they have been right there, every step of the way."

Randy Robbins, Director of IT, Bob Barker Company​

Case Study

Bob Barker

Explore behind the scenes with IE as we reveal how our OnDemand services and Cisco Master Certified Network Operations Center (NoC) keep Bob Barker’s IT Infrastructure running around the clock.