You Can Keep Your Business
Running Smoothly During Emergencies

Preparing for Business Interruption 

Do you have a strategy in place in case of emergency situations like epidemics? It's no secret that quarantine, emergency alerts, and even presidential elections can wreak havoc on business continuity, affecting processes related to supply chain management and your employees' ability to carry on with their work. You don't have to be a proverbial "sitting duck" however when these situations arise. It's all about preparation and taking preventative measures to ensure your business can run as planned should the need arise. 

COVID-19 Resource Center 

We are here for you during COVID-19 with resources to help meet the demands of the current business climate. Below we've compiled some free resources to help you with business continuity during the current pandemic and quarantine. More importantly, these resources will help you start a conversation around business after COVID-19 and how to move forward. By taking security measures now, you can begin building up your business resilience should your company face business interruption again in the future. 

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What Our Customers are Saying...

Our successful transition to a remote workforce with minimal business interruption can be attributed to our critical partnerships with Internetwork Engineering (IE) and Cisco prior to and during the Coronavirus health crisis. The Cisco Webex and Collaboration Flex solutions that IE recommended and helped to implement were crucial for our smooth transition. Our senior leadership was very pleased with the products and services provided by these partners.”

Michael R Stout
IT Infrastructure Manager - Gregory Poole Equipment Company

How IE Can Help 

We've all been impacted by COVID-19. Here are just a few ways that IE can help you maintain business continuity with secure virtual solutions during the pandemic and beyond. 










Virtual Incident Response Center (IRC) Series

How to Utilize Webex for a Virtual Incident Response Center

Part 1: Initial Request and Scheduling the Webex Teams Meeting

Part 2: Joining the Webex Meeting and Annotating the IRC Response Document

Part 3: Using Webex Teams to Continue the Collaboration after the Webex Meeting

Part 4: Creating a Webex Event to Share the IRC Response

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IRC Video Part 1 - FINAL


IRC Video Part 3 - FINAL


IRC Video Part 2 FINAL


IRC Video Part 4 - FINAL


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COVID-19 Related IE Blogs

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