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Intelligent Infrastructure Demos

2019 OktoberTekfest - Demo Bottle Caps - LiveAction
2019 OktoberTekfest - Demo Bottle Caps - Pure Storage
Internetwork Engineering

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Infrastructure Management with EcoStruxure IT by APC

APC will be hosting a demo of EcoStruxure IT, which is a cloud-based, vendor-neutral platform for monitoring customer’s physical infrastructure equipment in both onsite or remote locations. This vendor-neutral architecture delivers a new standard for proactive insights on critical assets that impact the health and availability of an IT environment with the ability to deliver actionable real-time recommendations to optimize infrastructure performance and mitigate risk. This solution is available as a free-trial but is then purchased on a yearly device-count contract to ensure manageable budgeting options for the customer.


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Easy Software-Defined Segmentation

Myth: Achieving Zero trust in my cloud/DC is impossible.
Reality: Pick 3 applications and lock them down in 3 months with Cisco Tetration.

Tetration provides centralized and automated Segmentation Policy discovery, recommendation, simulation, enforcement, and compliance. Visibility enables quick troubleshooting and alerting on policy violations. Come to the Cisco Tetration booth to see more.


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Let Us Help You Optimize IT Transformation

Flexential delivers colocation, connectivity, cloud and managed solutions to customers across the U.S. and into Canada. Flexential optimizes IT transformation while simultaneously balancing cost, scalability, compliance, and security. With a focus on building trusted relationships, providing valuable support and delivering tailored solutions and reliable performance, Flexential’s full breadth of Hybrid IT solutions offers a customized solution for every customer type.


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Initially developed to aid the US Department of Defense in the operation of its networks, LiveNX is an enterprise-grade network management solution that combines and automatically correlates both native and enhanced network telemetry along with QoS policy information to present a unique unified view of conditions on the network. The military refers to it as situational awareness, and this is the challenge that LiveAction solves for network engineering & operations.

Built around an innovative visual display for real-time analytics and unparalleled forensic performance investigation capability for network administration, LiveNX:

  • Leverages your investment in existing infrastructure for network monitoring & analysis
  • Facilitates cooperation between stakeholders in network operations, engineering, and collaboration
  • Reduces your operational costs by simplifying network troubleshooting processes and mitigating escalations.

See how LiveNX accelerates troubleshooting using native network telemetry combined with packet analysis, QoS monitoring & control, and specialized application-aware monitoring for SDN’s.


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A New Approach: The FlashStack Data Center

FlashStack™, a Cisco® and Pure Storage® solution, is a streamlined, flexible, transformative approach to IT infrastructure. It fully supports mission critical enterprise applications and provides a robust platform for cloud services. Visit our booth to see how FlashStack combines the latest in computing, network, storage components into a single, integrated architecture that accelerates time to deployment, lowers overall IT costs, and reduces deployment risk.


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Don’t Roll the Dice on Choosing Which SD-WAN Solution is Right for You!
Meraki vs Viptela vs Carriers

SD-WAN is bringing to the WAN what we’ve had in the Data Center for years: software definition! Whether you need to isolate traffic over WAN or want to route traffic over different connections based upon the type of traffic, bandwidth, or latency, now you can do it easily. Today, companies with branch offices just like yours are using SD-WAN to move to the next-generation network and achieve their business goals, but how do you know which solution best fits your business and IT needs? Stop by our booth as we explore the unique features of each SD-WAN architecture, their pros and cons, and discover which solution is right for you!


The Next Era of Networking Is Here
Intent-based Networking: DNA integrated SDA and SDWAN

Today’s leading organizations are adopting new digital strategies to simplify processes and transform their businesses. You need a network that can advance this digital transformation, not hinder it.

Last year we demonstrated SDA working in conjunction with ACI. This year, we integrate both with SD-WAN for even more agility, speed, and cost savings, while reducing risk through faster threat detection. Are you ready for a network that understands what your organization’s needs are and simply makes it happen? Come by our booth and let us show you how Intent-based networks are driving business benefits by enabling faster network access for any user or device - all without compromising security.


IE Automation

As your business grows, the amount of work your IT Team has each week continues to increase. Operational tasks seem to dominate the weekly hour meter of many IT teams making it impossible to get projects started, keep them moving forward, and in many cases those projects never see completion. One solution is to hire more people, but a better solution may be Automation.

Simply, Automation is the process of replacing a manual step with one that happens automatically. Our team of automation specialists can take a look at your day-to-day operational requirements to see where some of those tasks could be automated, freeing up time to do more with the team you have now. Come by and talk with us about those daily routines and tasks to see if we can help automate those out of your life.


Don’t let the chips fall where they may!
ACI Integrated SD-WAN

No matter if you’ve been using ACI for years, are just starting to, or are still researching it, it’s important to make sure you’ve got a good design. That always means focusing on how the WAN meets the DC. If you joined us last year, we showed you how ACI integration with SDA can help you enforce policy from the desktop to the data center, now we’re going to add SD-WAN into the mix. Why? Because who wants all that segmentation at the access layer and in the data center just to allow the wild west on the WAN?


Manage the demands of digital transformation
Cisco Intersight

Competition is driving IT organizations to deliver applications and services faster and more efficiently than ever. Operations teams need to support existing applications while managing next-generation application and workload that require computing the edge, branch offices, and public and private clouds environments as well as in the data center. Stop by IE’s booth to see how Cisco Intersight can help reduce complexity and manual efforts required to deploy, upgrade and maintain your servers, along with delivering proactive support through and insights to better manage your distributed environment.



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